ISIS is a Footnote: The Real Threat is Sharia and Islamic Supremacism

The version of radical Islam adopted by terror groups is not that different than the version of Islam adopted by Islamic states.

Colonization by Immigration

Conservative Gay Activist to Lead Pride March Through Swedish Muslim “Ghetto”

Claiming that "it's dangerous to be gay again," activist Milo Yiannopoulos intends to defy both sharia-law standards and the Swedish authorities who would protect Muslim sensibilities from exposure to Western gays.

Slander, Blasphemy & Censorship

ISIS is Just as Muslim as Muhammad Ali

Senator Coons said, “We cannot fight radicalization with further radicalization.” And yet the most radical move is to hold an authoritarian view of who is Muslim.

Violent Jihad

Stolen CIA Weapons from Syria Used to Murder Americans

The weapons were meant to arm CIA-backed rebels in Syria, and instead ended up on the black market. It is only the latest in a series of embarrassments for the Agency's Syria operations.


Senate Committee Witnesses Use Faulty Qur’an Analyis, Deny ISIS is Islamic

Congress needs to hear accurate analysis, not apologetics for mainstream Islamic doctrine.

Colonization by Immigration

Swiss School Authorities Eliminate Pork from Lunch Menus

t’s interesting that about five percent of parents didn’t want pork served, while Switzerland’s Muslim population is also estimated to be around five percent.

Civilization Jihad

Killing for a Cause: Sharia Law & Civilization Jihad

What is Civilization Jihad? This video explains in three minutes.


Civilization Jihad

What is Civilization Jihad? This video explains in three minutes.


The Brotherhood in Europe

Many Brotherhood their leaders immigrated to Europe because the group was suppressed in Egypt following their attempt to overthrow the Nasser government. Foolishly, the CIA saw them as a partner in the Cold War against a godless Soviet Bloc.

A History of Violence & Jihad

“Allah is our objective; the Koran is our law; the Prophet is our leader; jihad is our way; and death for the sake of Allah is the highest of our aspirations.” (The Brotherhood's Motto)


Islamophobia Campaign Bombards Toronto

Toronto turns a blind eye to an Islamic book endorsing wife-beating, but is really worried that their citizens might have a negative image of Islam.


Palestine De-Colonial Summer School in Istanbul Attempts to Delegitimize Israel

A star-studded program of radicalism and anti-Israel propaganda awaits the children of rich Turks.


The Anatomy of CAIR’s Orlando Statement

CAIR's statement on the Orlando shootings was a layer cake of deceptions about radical Islam, masking their subversion of a tragedy to forward their own agenda.