The totalitarian Islamist doctrine of sharia mandates the spread of Islam by all believers and submission to its laws even by non-believers. Not all Muslims practice this, but those who do represent a major threat to the free world.


What is Sharia?

Why does Islam seem to lead members of its faith into violence against the West in numbers unseen among adherents of other faiths? Islamic law, or sharia, is the driving force.

Taqiyya, Trust & Debating Shariah

According to Islamic law, one of the areas in which lying is permitted, and sometimes required, is where it will be advantageous in dealings with attempts to gain the submission of non-believers.

Truces & Dual Messages

Under Islamic law, the maintenance of a peaceful status quo cannot serve as the basis for a truce when the milestones favor Islamic success in Jihad.

The Latest


Child Brides in Germany

Sharia treats girls as marriageable at very young ages, following the example of Muhammad himself.


Muhammad “History’s First Feminist”??

An article claims that Muhammad was history's first feminist. Let's look at a few examples of why this is a silly thing to say.


Domestic Violence and Sharia, the UK versus Saudi Arabia

The UK's system of sharia courts seems to be undermining the criminal law against domestic violence among British Muslims, while the Saudis introduce a new innovation in whipping.


Turkey’s Descent into Islamist Tyranny Deepens

Executions, purges, and the shuttering of opposition and Kurdish media mark Erdogan's ongoing power grabs -- as he tries to end NATO's mission stemming refugee flows to Europe.


Religion and a Sickness in the West

A French scholar wonders whether the problem isn't Islam so much as a deeply damaged relationship between Westerners and religion itself. Is he right?


Toronto Islamist Gives Recipe for Sharia Implementation in North America

Toronto Muslim activist Taha Ghayyur cites the same Islamic law that so-called Islamophobes do.


Chess Champion’s Boycott of Iran’s Misogyny Exposes Fraud of ‘Multiculturalism’

It is dangerous to embrace the hijab as an expression of tolerance or piety.


John Brennan Is Wrong About Islam: Jihadists are Certainly Muslims

Nor should we fear to criticize them as such, for except that we utter the shaḥāda, they do not care what we say.