Victory Over Jihad: Five Steps to Win the War

The Obama administration's policies ignited a fuse that has set off the global jihad. It's time to end it.

CounterJihad   August 30, 2016

Nations are crumbling.  Religious murder haunts Western streets. Millions of refugees swamp our borders, with unknown numbers of terrorists hiding among them.  The Obama administration’s foolish policies ignited a fuse that has set off global jihad.  Now they are keeping those same policies in place, and letting the crisis fester.

Join the CounterJihad, and help us enact our five-part strategy:

1. Stop Importing Jihadists

2. Cut Down the Black Flag and defeat ISIS

3. Cure Willful Blindness

4.  Designate the Muslim Brotherhood as the terrorist organization that it is

5.  Tear Up the Iran ‘Deal’