Threats to the Electric Grid

Our electric grid and related infrastructure are dangerously unprotected. The possibility of a kill shot that puts all Americans at risk is well within the jihadists capabilities.


Basics of Grid Security

An attack on the country's vulnerable electrical grid could potentially wipe-out 90% of our fellow Americans. It's the most serious threat we face.

The Latest

Threats to the Electric Grid

Obama Issues Executive Order to Protect Grid Against “Space Weather”

Unable to talk about the threat from Iran, the order at least offers some potential to begin addressing the danger posed by long term loss of power.

Threats to the Electric Grid

The Cyber Threat is Bigger Than the Grid — But Don’t Forget the Grid

American politicians are likely to lose sight of the far more dangerous threat to our electrical grid, because the danger of personal political embarrassment scares them more than the danger of millions dead.

Threats to the Electric Grid

Iran Could Use This Catastrophic Tactic to Destroy America

A blue ribbon panel in Congress estimates American casualties at 90%.

Threats to the Electric Grid

An Underground Grid to Protect America’s Power?

An EMP strike, from a sunstorm or a nuclear weapon, could kill 90% of Americans. Is an underground network an affordable answer?

Threats to the Electric Grid

Cyber Threat to Grid Rising

The FBI reports cyber threats surpassing terrorism where the power grid is concerned.

Threats to the Electric Grid

Khamenei: Missiles, Not Talks, Key to our Future

The Obama administration avoids promised 'snap back' sanctions, looks for new concessions.

Threats to the Electric Grid

The Debate over Responses to Terror

Should our defense be military or legal? Distributed or unified?

Threats to the Electric Grid

US Charges Iranian Hackers in Cyber Attacks (UPDATED)

Attacks on finance, industry highlight danger of cyber warfare to America.