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5 Reasons Why Donald Trump Should Implement the Jerusalem Embassy Act, and Move the US Embassy to Israel’s Capital City

Since 1995, three successive administrations have used a presidential waiver to stall moving the U.S. embassy to Israel’s capital city. Not anymore.


Turkey Accelerates Drift Towards Russia

Russia still has to square the circle of Turkey's competition with Iran in order to include both of them in its axis. If it does, it can reshape the northern Middle East as it likes.


Pakistan Playing with Fire in Joust with India

Pakistan's winking at jihadist incursions into India, as a means of forwarding its claim on the disputed Kashmir territory, has sparked a dangerous escalation between two nuclear-armed powers. Pakistan has asked Donald Trump to step in and mediate, potentially the president-elect's first foreign policy challenge.


BREXIT Update: Exit Poses Security Challenges including ISIS

The reclaiming of its independence is a bold and worthy step, but the United Kingdom must find ways to enter into new intelligence-sharing agreements with other Western powers.


WHY HILLARY’S NOT REALLY SORRY: FBI Files Reveal ‘Blatant Disregard’ For Classified Information

FBI Files Show She Isn't Really Sorry About Mishandling Classified Info — And Would Do It Again (Only Worse)