Shireen Qudosi


Shireen Qudosi is a Muslim writer based in California.

Violent Jihad

Who Ordered the Hit on Russia’s Ambassador?

Speculation is rampant, but there are reasons to think that this attack can be laid at the feet of the Islamic State.

Violent Jihad

10 Things We Should Learn From the Ohio State Attack

The attack was one of the least-covered jihadist attack on American soil. The media dropped the issue like a hot potato.


Chess Champion’s Boycott of Iran’s Misogyny Exposes Fraud of ‘Multiculturalism’

It is dangerous to embrace the hijab as an expression of tolerance or piety.


Answering Muslim Traditionalists

The tone changes, but the message is the same.


The 8 Things I Keep Hearing From Muslims

Should Muslims must adapt to the 21st century by leaving some of the Koran behind? Or should we leave the 21st century behind?