Violent Jihad

The jihadist enemy aims to install Islamic law in every country, including the United States.


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Violent Jihad

Mattis: ISIS ‘couldn’t last 2 minutes in fight with our troops’

SecDef nod calls for 'battles of annihilation” with “no survivors” against terror group, while beating drums of all-out war with Iran.

Violent Jihad

Who Ordered the Hit on Russia’s Ambassador?

Speculation is rampant, but there are reasons to think that this attack can be laid at the feet of the Islamic State.

Violent Jihad

10 Things We Should Learn From the Ohio State Attack

The attack was one of the least-covered jihadist attack on American soil. The media dropped the issue like a hot potato.

Violent Jihad

Mosul Update: Islamic State Fielding a Serious Defense of the Caliphate

A mix of conventional military and insurgent tactics is making the going tougher than anticipated. The Sunni / Shia split promises to bedevil the hard work that is still to come.

Violent Jihad

Can the Philippines Duterte Bring Peace to Islamist Mindanao?

The new president has cast off relations with the United States, and says "Allahu Akbar" on the campaign trail, but there are many factions of Islamist militants in the southern Philippines.

Violent Jihad

Battles for Mosul, Raqqa, Met With Peak in ISIS Fundraising and Recruiting

The Islamic State faces a divided coalition with no clear agenda beyond defeating it.

Violent Jihad

Spanish Party Island of Ibiza Sobers up to the Arrest of Two ISIS-supporting Imams

Jihad and clubbing don't really go together all that well, but it is no surprise to find these Islamic radicals in Spain.

Violent Jihad

Terror Threats to US Election

Al Qaeda and Iran both represent an immediate danger, but lone wolf ISIS attacks could happen too.