The Iran Threat

The jihadist enemy aims to install Islamic law in every country, including the United States.


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The Iran Threat

No Way the Next President Keeps the Iran Deal

In spite of a snowjob from Iranian sympathizers and the President of the United States, the Obama administration knows the deal is so bad that they did their best to keep the IAEA from reporting on it before the election.

The Iran Threat

Heavy Water, and Why It Matters in Iran

Yet another violation of a provision in the Iran deal that was already a serious American concession.

The Iran Threat

Iran Warns Iraq’s Kurds: You Better Not Seek Saudi Funding, Weapons

A high Iranian official suggests that the only safe place is in bed with him.

The Iran Threat

UPDATED: Obama Gave Iran Money that Belonged to Iran’s Terror Victims

While John Kerry is out there drumming up investment for Iran, a new report shows that the giant pallets of cash sent to Iran were supposed to go to the victims of Iranian terror.

The Iran Threat

The Russian Connection (Iran and Syria, Too)

Illegal pipeline sales, uranium, and a half-million dollars in Russian money.

The Iran Threat

MOSUL: Iraqi Military Displays Shi’ite Flags In Advance on Sunni Region

The flags belie the Baghdad government's promise that it will repair sectarian relations if it regains control of the Sunni regions of Iraq. Iran's Shi'a militias are set to join the fray, which can only deepen the rift.

The Iran Threat

Iran Demands “Many Billions” In New Hostage Ransoms

Who could have seen that coming? Oh, that's right: We all did, and especially us here at CounterJihad.

The Iran Threat

Sen. Rubio: Iran Deal an “Unfolding Disaster”

The Senator blasts 'outrageous, illegal' actions by the Obama administration.