Colonization by Immigration

Shariah mandates the spread of Islam by all means possible. Immigration with the intention of dominating the local culture is one of the oldest tactics.


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Colonization by Immigration

6 Reasons Why Donald Trump Should Adjust Immigration and Refugee Policy to Stop Importing Jihadists

The President has clear Constitutional authority to pause immigration from countries and regions known to be incubators for jihadi terrorism in defense of U.S. national interests.

Colonization by Immigration

Turkey’s Brain Drain

The Islamist tyranny from the Erdogan regime is stripping Turkey of many of its best minds.

Colonization by Immigration

Europe Begins to Take Immigration Seriously

The victory of Donald Trump cements the fear among European elites that was first stoked by Brexit. Can they change quickly enough for their voters?

Colonization by Immigration

Germany Shuts Down Islamist “True Religion” With Massive Police Raids

But they're still really worried about radical Islam's opponents, even more than radical Islam itself.

Colonization by Immigration

Another Road on Refugees

Refugee crises exist in Africa as well as Syria and, increasingly, Iraq. Germany seems to be realizing it can't just take them all in. What's the alternative?

Colonization by Immigration

Germany Captures ISIS Infiltrator in Refugee Flow

The Syrian fighter was posing as a refugee, but really came to plan and execute attacks. Yet new police figures show that even the legitimate refugees are causing serious spikes in crime and instability.

Colonization by Immigration

Spanish Party Island of Ibiza Sobers Up, Arrests Two ISIS-Supporting Imams

While Spain has taken greater security measures against jihadists in recent years, the country still has a number of problems.

Colonization by Immigration

NYT: Refugees Pose Overwhelming Challenge to Europe’s Police

Overwhelmed by refugees about whom they know nothing, Euro police increasingly rely on American intelligence. Is there an alternative?