Christopher Holton

Vice President for Outreach, Center for Security Policy

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OUTRAGE: Why Did FL House Speaker Crisafulli Deny Orlando Victims a Key Counterterror Law?

Why did House leaders block a measure that had sailed through state legislatures elsewhere and had unanimous bipartisan support in the Florida legislature?

Violent Jihad

Iran: Never Held Accountable

The Obama administration has embarked upon a path to reward decades of bad behavior by the Islamic Republic of Iran in the futile hope that Iran will become benevolent and cease its warlike actions and intentions toward the West in general and the U.S. and Israel in particular. As futile as the idea of negotiating a … Continue reading "Iran: Never Held Accountable"

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Andy’s Law signed by Governor McCrory in North Carolina

“Andy’s Law” counterterrorism legislation sponsored by Representative Chris Whitmire has been signed into law in North Carolina–along with an amendment authorizing National Guard members in North Carolina to be armed so that they can shoot back against terrorists. The law allows for seizure of the assets including money, used in the course of, intended for use in the … Continue reading "Andy’s Law signed by Governor McCrory in North Carolina"

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“Lone Wolf” or Jihadi?

14 years ago America sent its military heroes overseas to defend us from Jihad. Today, local police officers and sheriff’s deputies are being tasked with protecting military personnel and installations here in the United States from Jihad. This is a profound shift in the nature of the war which is, unfortunately, lost on the vast … Continue reading "“Lone Wolf” or Jihadi?"

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Andy’s Law Sponsor in Tennessee Calls for Action in Wake of Jihadi Attack

During the past legislative session, Representative Judd Matheny and Senator Bill Ketron of Tennessee authored important state-level counterterrorism legislation known as “Andy’s Law.” Andy’s Law, which has also passed in Arkansas, Kansas and Louisiana, strengthens state-level terrorism and material support for terrorism statutes, arming state and local law enforcement with vital legal tools as they … Continue reading "Andy’s Law Sponsor in Tennessee Calls for Action in Wake of Jihadi Attack"

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Obama and Iran: Creating a New Superpower

This Iran nuclear deal was always in the works. It was pre-ordained with Obama’s election. We must view it in the context of Obama’s entire background. For instance, his 20-year membership in the vile anti-semite, Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s church. Or his attendance at a pro-Palestinian farewell party for Palestinian activist and academic darling Rashid Khalidi that … Continue reading "Obama and Iran: Creating a New Superpower"

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Iran Selected to United Nations Disarmament Committee

Once again the UN has been shown to be a dysfunctional organization controlled by despots and outlaws. Yesterday, the Islamic Republic of Iran, a nation that is enriching uranium in defiance of UN Security Council resolutions and the Non-Proliferation Treaty, was selected for a high-level position on a United Nations committee dealing with disarmament and international … Continue reading "Iran Selected to United Nations Disarmament Committee"