Threats to the Electric Grid

US Charges Iranian Hackers in Cyber Attacks (UPDATED)

Attacks on finance, industry highlight danger of cyber warfare to America.

BY CounterJihad · @CounterjihadUS | March 24, 2016

UPDATE:  Remaining US sanctions on Iran to be shredded, reports the Associated Press.

The US Justice Department has unsealed seven indictments against Iranian-backed hackers for cyber attacks against key US systems.  The attacks on banks and a dam in New York represent the Obama administration’s first attempt to go after state-sponsored cyber terrorists.

According to the Washington Post report, “some administration officials” suggested that the indictments could pave the way for new sanctions against the Iranian regime.  “President Obama last April issued an executive order creating an authority to impose such sanctions specifically for malicious cyber-activity,” the report said.  “That authority has not been used yet.”

The reason it was not used is that the President has been bending over backwards for the Iranian regime because of his nuclear deal.  The Iranians have been completely abusive towards President Obama in spite of — or perhaps because of — his willingness to give them everything they ask.  Most recently, the administration turns out to have paid them $2 billion for the release of American hostages.  Iran has announced plans to build a monument to its capture of US sailors, from whom it illegally seized thousands of documents.

Meanwhile, Iran is conducting repeated ballistic missile tests in spite of US arguments that those tests are a violation of the nuclear deal’s terms.  The Iranians cite weakened language agreed-to by US Secretary of State John F. Kerry as adequate justification for their tests of nuclear-capable missiles.  The Russian government agrees with the Iranians, and is backing them at the UN Security Council.  John Kerry defended the weakened language before Congress as more than adequate to prevent such tests.

The hacking is an ongoing threat to American infrastructure and power.  Unlike other nations’ hacking efforts, Iran’s are designed not just to steal secrets:

Iran’s cyber terrorism within America has been “less restrained” and “more intent on causing harm” than that carried out by Russia or China.  Those powers are intent on espionage, and may want the intrusions to remain undetected as much as anything else.  Many times the advantage of successful espionage is lost or mitigated if the intrusion becomes known.  Iran’s teams are looking for ways to hurt the United States, not merely to steal our secrets.  Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) has a unit devoted to leading the efforts to hack into American systems and cause mayhem.

Iran has hacked US allies such as Bahrain in the past as well.  Bahrain hosts the US Fifth Fleet, which is the naval component for US Central Command.


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