Colonization by Immigration

Germany Captures ISIS Infiltrator in Refugee Flow

The Syrian fighter was posing as a refugee, but really came to plan and execute attacks. Yet new police figures show that even the legitimate refugees are causing serious spikes in crime and instability.

BY CounterJihad · @CounterjihadUS | November 3, 2016

A young Syrian man has been captured in Germany after conducting pre-attack surveillance and recruiting at least one German to join the fight for the Islamic State (ISIS).  The Syrian, identified as Shaas Al-M., presented himself as a refugee from the conflict in Syria.  In fact, he was an ISIS fighter on a mission to conduct terrorist attacks inside Europe.

He is not alone, the British newspaper Express reports.

There were two Islamist attacks by migrants in July.

Earlier this month another bogus Syrian migrant was captured after a bomb he was building was found in his apartment in the easter city of Chemnitz.

The phrase “bogus Syrian migrant” is confusing.  This was a legitimately a migrant from Syria, and not (say) a Korean trying to pass himself off as Syrian in order to migrate to Germany.  However, this migrant was not genuinely a refugee from the violence.  Rather, he came for the express purpose of creating new Islamist violence.  His job was to conduct attacks in Europe’s heartland in order to create pressure on them not to intervene against ISIS within the physical space of its Caliphate.

Politicians in Europe and America have alike defended the idea that refugees do not represent a serious security challenge to the West.  Candidate Hillary Clinton has argued for an increase of 550 percent in the number of refugees admitted to the United States from Syria.  Former political appointees from Homeland Security for the Obama administration have likewise tried to sell the idea that “vetting” will solve whatever problems these refugees pose, although in fact there are no longer intact security services within Syria with whom we might vet them — nor any reason the Assad regime, our enemy, would tell us the truth about them if it could do so.

Meanwhile, security professionals have been giving increasingly loud warnings about the danger of terrorists in the refugee flows.  The Supreme Allied Commander, Europe, said that terrorists were appearing in refugee flows “daily.”  Head of the CIA John Brennan said that terrorists were definitely using the refugee flows to penetrate Western Europe and, from there, America.

Even Hillary Clinton herself admitted in one of her private paid-for speeches, disclosed only by an unauthorized leak, that “we can’t possibly vet all those refugees.”

It turns out that even the ones who are not terrorists still bring substantial crime and social instability.  Germany’s new police figures show a spike of well over a hundred thousand new crimes in the first half of this year, tied to refugees.

Migrants in Germany have committed 142,500 crimes in just six months, police figures have revealed

This was the equivalent of 780 crimes a day – an increase of nearly 40 percent over 2015, according to data from Germany’s Federal Criminal Police Office…  ‘Migrant crime statistics for all of 2016, when they become available, are likely to show a significant increase over the 2015 numbers. One reason for this is that thousands of migrants who entered the country as ‘asylum seekers’ or ‘refugees’ have gone missing.’

How many of those who have “gone missing” did so in order to build terrorist cells, or to plan attacks?  We will likely find out only as each attack occurs, as the police resources are vastly overstretched by the scale of the refugee flows. Belgian police correctly identified some of the Brussels bombers, but had to drop its inquiry into them because it could not spare the resources for that particular case.  German police are likewise facing a crime wave that is overwhelming their available resources.  Leaked reports indicate that German police only expect this refugee crime wave to worsen, as they lack the resources to stop it — or even to track where the refugees go once admitted to the country.



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