Influence: The Muslim Brotherhood in America

CAIR to Face Jury Trial for Fraud, Ripping Off Hundreds of American Muslims

Many Muslims who sought help from CAIR were forced to sell their car or other personal effects in order to pay shakedowns for legal fees.

BY Shireen Qudosi · @ShireenQudosi | June 24, 2016

Though CAIR brands itself as a human rights advocacy group, the organization also presents itself as a civil rights legal advocacy group, collecting generously from that business through hefty retainers and legal fees that are beyond the means of the community it claims to serve.

Now, thanks to the DC Circuit Court, American Muslims will soon get an unvarnished glimpse into the Hamas-linked pressure group. CAIR National must stand trial and face a jury who will be presented with evidence on the massive fraud and attempted cover up to the detriment of hundreds of Muslim Americans – the very group CAIR claims to represent.

In 2008, hundreds of Muslim clients represented by CAIR-Virginia’s resident “civil rights manager,” the late Morris Days, were slowly beginning to find out the truth about their so-called legal counsel: Days had been misrepresenting himself as an attorney.

As an agent of CAIR, Days collected fees and claimed to represent Muslim clients on behalf of the organization. However, he often failed to file necessary papers or join his clients in court appearance. Yet, the media circuit that Days heavily engaged with benefited CAIR through positive exposure that triggered a flood of donations from the Muslim community to continue CAIRs ‘good work.’

Late that year, four clients who had entrusted their legal case to CAIR moved to file a federal civil complaint, Rene Arturo Lopez, et al v. Council On American Islamic Relations Action Network, alleging that CAIR strong-armed hundreds of Muslim clients into signing severely restrictive and borderline illegal confidentiality agreements.

In fact, many Muslims who sought help from the Muslim advocacy group were forced to sell their car or other personal effects in order to meet CAIRs demands and shakedowns for legal fees. Lopez v CAIR alleges the Hamas-linked group is criminally at fault for the ensuing cover-up and misrepresentation in the days after terminating Days’ employment and severing any association with the former CAIR employee.

In addition to shaking up a poor immigrant community that trusted a ‘Muslim’ organization with its sensitive legal issues, CAIR exploited the community’s legal and personal trauma for gain. Meanwhile, having lost tens of thousands of dollars, Muslims who had once trusted CAIR now threatened to sue and go to the media.

It was at that time, and in an attempt to protect itself, that CAIR shredded documents, attempted to delete evidence; it disassociated itself from Days and coerced legally ill-informed Muslim clients – it’s very own clients – to sign over-reaching confidentiality agreements that would keep evidence away from government officials and heavily penalize clients upwards of $25,000 for any breach of agreement.

Four Muslims victimized by CAIR had the courage to come forward in a community that ‘does not go against its own,’ and initiated legal action against an organization that has monopolized Islam in America. CAIR, a Hamas-linked national Muslim organization with thick roots connecting it with other Islamist organizations in the United States, is appropriately described by watchdog groups as a “mafia.”

Just like any mafia, there’s a front that serves as cover for its activity. In CAIR’s case, that front is civil liberties in advancement of Muslim American interests. While CAIR may rescue the odd Muslim migrant or come to the defense of Muslims who feel victimized for their faith, CAIR is really in the business of sustaining itself and laying the groundwork for the next way of ideological infiltration.

The 2008 lawsuit also named CAIR national leadership as individual defendants, including CAIR founder and executive director, Nihad Awad – who was publicly served and summoned to appear in court while hosting CAIR’s 14th Annual Dinner in Arlington, Virginia.

CAIR’s monopolization of Muslim American voices, its practice of silencing minority voices, attacking critical thinkers, may soon be coming to an end. As Kyle Shideler writes on the case today at TownHall,

This is not the first time Muslim Americans have accused CAIR of interfering with their efforts to receive American justice. In 2009, members of the Somali community in Minneapolis led a protest against CAIR, alleging the group was actively silencing parents who sought FBI assistance in finding their sons, whom they feared had been recruited by terrorist organization Al Shabaab.

Critics say CAIR has long intimidated the Muslim community to avoid speaking out, including creating posters urging Muslims not to contact or speak to law enforcement, and even putting out bounties for the identifies of Muslim informants working with federal authorities.

Finally, the Islamist group is facing growing pressure from a wider Muslim community that feels the group doesn’t – and cannot – represent a spectrum of diverse Muslim voices, especially in wake of the Orlando jihadi attack on Pulse nightclub. CAIR, founded by Muslim Brotherhood agents, was also identified as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation Trial that brought to light the web of international links in terror financing.

The next administration must re-open the Holy Land Foundation case, looking into the list of unindicted co-conspirators that serves as a kind of map of the Muslim Brotherhood in America. In the meantime, Congress should waste no time in debating and passing the Muslim Brotherhood Designation Act, which would would instruct the State Department to declare the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization. The bill strike at the heart of the most prominent Islamist front groups in the United States, including CAIR.

The bill’s Senate sponsor, Senator Ted Cruz, is set to hold a June 28 hearing on the cover-up of Islamic Terror by the Obama Administration. Cruz, who chairs the Judiciary Subcommittee on Oversight, Agency Action, Federal Rights and Federal Court, will use the hearing to investigate “…the willful blindness on the part of the relevant law enforcement agencies to domestic Islamic terror networks. The subject of the hearing is ‘Willful Blindness: Consequences of Agency Efforts to Deemphasize Radical Islam in Combating Terrorism.’”

The Obama administration has a two-term record of manipulating language, a primary tool of political warfare, in dealing with radical Islamic terrorism. The administration has also been under attack for willful data manipulation in national security matters.



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