Influence: The Muslim Brotherhood in America

Muslim Appreciation Month and “Islamapalooza” Come to the University of Florida

Find out about a group called "Islam on Campus."

BY Bruce Cornibe · | October 27, 2016

There’s no doubt Islam enjoys a favored status in much of the West. Because of this Islamists can penetrate ‘educational’ and ‘cultural’ events with the message of Islam in attempts to push their political agenda as well as dawah (evangelism). This seems to be the underlying objective of a group named Islam on Campus-UF (University of Florida), who are commencing Muslim Appreciation Month by sponsoring a two-day event called “Islamapalooza[.]” The Alligator describes the event by stating:

The monthlong celebration is starting with Islamapalooza, formerly named Islam Fair, on the Plaza of the Americas today from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m., and it will continue Wednesday from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. The event will feature booths where students can get henna tattoos, play trivia about Islam and eat falafels, pita and samosas.

The festivities seem harmless as the event is under the guise of education (“learn about Islam”) and cultural experience. For the president of Islam On Campus, Maria Ilyas, the event was more of a way for people to better understand Muslims and their beliefs saying, “We’re trying to bring an awareness and appreciation to who Muslims are and what Islam is really about[.]” Okay, so we’re just talking about some misperceptions that lead to miscommunication between Muslims and non-Muslims right? Despite the deceptive language, Islam on Campus’ website reveals a mission that includes more than just education. An excerpt from the website’s “About Us” page reads:

Islam on Campus is an organization devoted to strengthening the Muslim community through service and activism as well as to educating Muslims and non-Muslims alike about the religion of Islam. We also seek to be a source of unity for Muslim students here at the University of Florida. We contribute to the development of the Muslim community here in America and try to remove any barriers to the growth of Islam and the lasting prosperity of Muslims. We struggle for positive social change in all aspects of life and try to provide an atmosphere conducive to the development of future Muslim leaders. All so that we may be of those who are in a constant struggle to perfect their submission to the will of Allah.

It sounds like the organization wants to also spread the message of Islam and Sharia campus wide. Their duplicity shouldn’t come as a surprise considering how they invite speakers from Muslim Brotherhood front organizations to promote their message of ‘understanding’ and ‘dialogue’ better. One such speaker is Zahra Billoo, the executive director of the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) – California, the San Francisco Chapter. Billoo spoke at an event part of Islam Appreciation Month called Coexisting in Faith with Zahra Billoo – which she apparently discussed “the different issues faced by people of different faiths in the United States.” Of course, the language used such as “coexisting” captures the attention of liberals, but Billoo’s ideology represents nothing of the sort. Billoo praises terrorist sympathizers and supporters like “the HLF convicts and Al-Arian” (tweet below). Billoo also is an unashamed anti-American that frequently bashes our U.S. military and law enforcement – comparing them to ISIS (tweets below). That kind of equivalence is not only radical but it is essentially inciting revolutionary actions against our government, which is probably the reason why she supports anti-government groups like Black Lives Matter.




Islam on Campus also appears to have connections with other Muslim Brotherhood front groups such as the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) and Muslim Students Association (MSA) National – snippets from Islam on Campus’ Facebook posts are below.




If the University of Florida wants to truly get into the multiculturalist spirit maybe they should host Christianity and Judaism appreciation months. Yet, even though multiculturalists should give different cultures and religions equal treatment, in reality that is rarely the case – in fact, Muslims oftentimes receive preferential treatment. For example, “a Dirty Dozen jihadists” have been linked to the Islamic Society of Boston. Instead of the mosque being shut down for good, “the Islamic Society of Boston, was singled out by President Obama as an example of how his Countering Violent Extremism program is keeping us all safe.” Could one imagine the kind a treatment a church would receive if just one of its congregants was involved in terrorism? Let’s just say that church wouldn’t be in operation too long.

There’s no doubt Islam on Campus is using its religious minority status to subtlety advocate for Islam and Sharia at these ‘educational’ and ‘cultural’ type events. This activism is going to continue to occur and get even worse unless if our public officials and the media call these groups out. Our government leaders must also decide to break off all ties with Islamist mosques and other entities as well as shut down organizations with terrorism ties. The prevalence of events like “Islamapalooza” throughout the West reveals how are leaders are willing to sacrifice the minds of our kids in order for political expedience. Sharia doesn’t respect freedom and dignity for all human life so why should we respect it?