Influence: The Muslim Brotherhood in America

Huma’s Dad: “Arab States Must Police the Upholding of Sharia”

How much did her family’s Islamism influence Huma? We're a long way from finding out.

BY Bruce Cornibe · | October 1, 2016

Despite, much of the mainstream media’s negligence in reporting the facts on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s campaign, they can’t conceal top aide Huma Abedin’s radical background. We’ve already seen how the Sharia advocating Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs became “the Abedin family business[,]” Huma’s connection with terrorism financer Abdullah Omar Naseef, Huma’s involvement with the executive board of the Muslim Brotherhood linked Muslim Students’ Association (MSA) at Washington, D.C.’s George Washington University, among others.

Now we’re finding out more about the patriarch of the Abedin family, Huma’s father Syed Abedin. Allegedly taken from a 1971 interview called The World of Islam Syed explains his outlook on the Islamic world, The Washington Free Beacon states:

“The state has to take over” as Muslim countries evolve, he argued. “The state is stepping in in many countries … where the state is now overseeing that human relationships are carried on on the basis of Islam. The state also under Islam has a right to interfere in some of these rights given to the individual by the Sharia.”

“Suspicion” runs rampant in the Muslim world, Abedin said, citing it as a reason why Western governing values have not been quickly adopted in the region.

“In the contemporary Islamic world, religious leadership is of very crucial significance because any change that will be abiding, that will make any positive contribution to the development of Muslim life, must come from that source, and that is one reason why ideologies like socialism or communism that have been introduced into the Muslim world have never really taken root,” Abedin said. “They have always been considered as foreign importations. … It’s a kind of suspicion.”

Abedin also discussed the clash between modernity and the Islamic world.

“When you talk of an Islamic state … does it have to have a caliph?” he asked. “What does it mean? What is the Islamic concept of good in the present day world?”

Any cultural change, Abedin concluded, will have to be validated by the tenets of Islam.

“The main dynamics of life in the Islamic world are still supplied by Islam,” he said. “Any institution, as I said before, any concept, any idea, in order to be accepted and become a viable thing in the Islamic world has to come through … Islam.”

Syed believed that the state needs to enforce Sharia law in Muslim countries. So much for religious minority rights that he enjoyed while he lived and worked in the U.S. Even though Syed is essentially advocating for Sharia he gives us insight for enacting change in the Islamic world – by pointing out that any lasting change must go through the mosque (Islamic faith). This reveals the importance of the Muslim faith to Muslims and how it impacts the different spheres of their lives (political, social, economic, etc.). It also unintentionally reveals the pivotal role of reformers within the Islamic world in order for liberal-democratic values to take hold.

There’s no doubt that Syed and the rest of Huma’s family impacted Huma’s values and beliefs. Question is, how much did her family’s Islamism influence Huma? Hillary Clinton has a top advisor with Muslim Brotherhood and other radical ties, then what does that say about her judgement?


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