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CPAC: Combatting Radical Islam

Self-censorship and a failure to name the enemy prevent solutions. It is the truth that sets you free.

BY CounterJihad · @CounterjihadUS | March 4, 2016

At this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference, a panel featuring top-level speakers considered the problem of how to combat Radical Islam.

The most justly famous among the members of this panel was Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the Dutch-American leader for the reform of Islam whose life has been in constant peril for her courageous activism.  Less famous, perhaps chiefly because his background is as a ‘quiet professional’ with the US Special Forces, is Jim Hanson, Executive Vice President of the Center for Security Policy.  Also featured was Representative Steve King, a thirteen year Congressman whose interest in these questions is well-known. The panel was chaired by Van Darrel Hipp Jr of American Defense International.

Jim Hanson called for clarity in defining the enemy, which he said was not easy because anyone who tries to engage the conversation is labeled a hater of Muslims.  All Muslims are not the enemy, he said:  there are plenty of good Muslims in the world.  “The problem is Muslims who believe that sharia — the Islamic totalitarian ideology, which is more than a religion — is their calling, and they must spread it around the world,” he said.  “ISIS is now an intercontinental Caliphate.”  While this is a larger percentage of Muslims than many want to admit, Hanson said, it is the enemy and must be defeated.  This enemy comes in two forms, he went on to say:  the easy-to-understand violent jihad, which everyone sees, and the front groups that work to pave the way for conversion to sharia compliance.  They are, indeed, behind the campaign to label anyone discussing the problem as hateful.  That is a core part of their strategy, Hanson said.  “You cannot possibly defeat an enemy you will not name:  the enemy is radical Islam, sharia-adherent Islam.”

Ali began by saying that Islam, as a set of ideas, can be discussed without slander to any race or ethnic group because Islam has adherents of all races and ethnic groups.  She called upon the peoples of representative democracies to correct their elected leaders when they “insult our intelligence” by trying to talk us out of what is plainly obvious about the threats we face.  She also pointed out that the taboo against criticism of Muhammad, or even depicting him, makes it impossible to understand Islam because he is the model every Muslim child is taught to emulate.  You have to be able to discuss and depict him to understand what the faith is trying to teach people to become.

Rep. King pointed out that the southern border of the United States could be easily defended from jihadist infiltration by building a wall, for less money than we are spending now just to “watch people come across.”

The panel discussion treated questions of security and immigration, including problems of getting Muslims to assimilate.  In the Netherlands, Ali said, there was a traditional thought that engaging Muslim immigrants in the political process would make them assimilate.  “That’s not going to happen,” she said, “if we self-censor.”  Just because of the refusal to talk about the ways in which Islam’s political traditions are problematic, bringing Muslims into the elected power structure did nothing to assimilate them in the Netherlands.  It just gave them power they used to push for sharia compliance.  The problems were compounded rather than relieved because of this self-censorship by citizens of the West.

View the rest of the discussion in the video above.  It is very much worth your time.


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