Civilization Jihad

“I Will Die to Establish Islam”

The Constitution forbids any 'establishment of religion.' So, what do liberal churches think "establish" means?

BY Bruce Cornibe · | August 29, 2016

Liberal churches typically tend to treat the Bible as a bunch of stories and myths that may have some good moral lessons, but that ultimately are not the authoritative word of God. Therefore, even the core tenets of Christianity such as Jesus being the Son of God can become ‘interpreted’ in such a way as to avoid their original meaning and intent. When key aspects of Christianity become negotiable it’s easy to see how these types of churches are able to partner with other religious entities – even ones that deny core Christian beliefs (ex. Quran 112). This seems to be the case with First Congregational Church of Winona in Minnesota helping out a local Islamic Center in the area that allegedly lost its building due to a fire in 2013. However, this Islamic Center may have some Muslim Brotherhood connections.

Winona State’s Muslim Students Association (MSA) has also been involved with the rebuilding of the Islamic Center – MSA’s president Waheed Khan is appreciative of the support for the Islamic Center saying, “I’m coming from Pakistan and we have never experienced two religions coming together, they helping us and we helping them, everyone has been really really cooperative[.]” MSA is a Muslim Brotherhood front group and not only is the group involved in more subtle tactics of spreading Brotherhood doctrine – contributing to “civilization jihad” – former leaders of MSA have also supported jihad either implicitly or directly. Some of those notorious former MSA leaders include: Abdurahman M. Alamoudi, Anwar al Awlaki, and Omar Shafik Hammami. Not yet convinced of MSA’s radical nature? Just look at some of the militant wording of MSA’s “pledge of allegiance” taken from a video from a 2011 MSA West Conference (listed below):

Allah is my lord.

Islam is my life.

The Koran is my guide.

The Sunna is my practice.

Jihad is my spirit.

Righteousness is my character.

Paradise is my goal.

I enjoin what is right.

I forbid what is wrong.

I will fight against oppression.

And I will die to establish Islam.

Apparently, First Congregational Church of Winona – part of the leftist United Church of Christ (UCC) – has allowed the people of the Islamic Center to hold prayer services in their building, and has also helped fundraise for the Islamic Center’s new building. The church has added to its ‘diversity’ by welcoming a likely Muslim Brotherhood linked group through its doors, but it’s probably not the type of ‘diversity’ the church truly wants in the end. This appears to be another case of Islamists duping the left.


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