Influence: The Muslim Brotherhood in America

Will CAIR Condemn the Anti-Gay Imams It Associates with and Promotes?

The media never once asked a critical question about CAIR's support for the people who espouse the doctrine that makes this violence possible.

BY Kyle Shideler · @ShidelerK | June 14, 2016

The Council on American Islamic Relations held a press conference on Sunday following the deadly jihadist terror attack on a gay nightclub in Orlando, where the group attempted to link homophobia with the group’s preferred talking point “Islamophobia,” labeling them, “interconnected systems of oppression.”

If that were so, perhaps it would be time to ask why Hamas-linked CAIR has yet to address the homophobia within the Muslim community, and, perhaps more importantly, among the imams which CAIR routinely works with and honors?

CAIR has repeatedly maintained close and deliberate ties to numerous individuals known for preaching virulently anti-gay themes.

Muzammil Siddiqi: Supporting Suicide Attacks and Death Penalty for Homosexuals

During the last mass casualty attack conducted by a jihadist in San Bernardino, CAIR publicly highlighted its close association with Islamic Shura Council of Southern California leader Muzammil Siddiqi. Siddiqi has publicly supported the death penalty for homosexuals in Muslim countries. Homosexuals face the death penalty or extrajudicial killings in numerous Islamic countries, including Iran which has reportedly killed 4-6,000 homosexuals or suspected homosexuals. Siddiqi has also been caught issuing statements in support of suicide attacks, saying Muslims who died “for justice” receive “the highest position” in Heaven. Police killed Orlando shooter Omar Mateen during his attack against the Pulse Nightclub.

 Siraj Wahhaj: Wanted to Storm a Gay-Friendly Mosque in Canada

Frequent CAIR fundraiser Siraj Wahhaj, an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, published an audiotape entitled “Don’t Go Near Zina.” Zina is the Arabic term for types of sexual intercourse forbidden under Shariah law. In the tape Wahhaj condemns homosexuality and references reports of a mosque being opened in Canada for homosexual Muslims. Wahhaj openly calls on the audience to physically go with him to Toronto to shut down the mosque.

Taha Alwani: Issued a Fatwa Calling For “Earthly Punishments” for Homosexuals

Another example is CAIR’s praise upon the passing of Muslim scholar Taha Alwani, a man once raided by the federal law enforcement for suspected terror finance. CAIR issued a press release saying Alwani’s works would “benefit Muslims around the world for generations to come.” Alwani, in his position as member of the Fiqh Council of North America, published a 2003 fatwa condemning a reported mosque for gay Muslims. In his fatwa Alwani refers to the smiting of Sodom and Gomorrah, calls homosexuality “abominable”, and reinforcing Islamic doctrines calling for “earthly punishments” for homosexuals:

It is true that some of the scholars disagreed with these punishments not because of doubt that these actions constitute a crime, but because of a lack of divine textual stipulation for a worldly punishment. But the actions of the Prophet’s Companions do indicate that in fact this crime has a worldly punishment, to be carried out by those in authority among the Muslims.

Alwani goes on to cite for support of his statement a hadith referring to Caliph AbuBakr, who ordered a homosexual to be burned alive. Alwani also ordered Muslims to “take precautions” against homosexual corruption.

Omar Suleiman: Homosexuality a “Repugnant” “Disease”

Another CAIR associated Imam with a record of anti-gay rhetoric is Omar Suleiman. Suleiman, who has routinely provided videos offering fundraising support for CAIR chapters, including in Florida. Suleiman was noted in the Daily Mail for calling homosexuality “repugnant” “a disease” which will destroy Muslim children if Muslims don’t take action to oppose it.

Jamal Badawi: Homosexuality a Sign of the End Times

Consider CAIR-Canada Board Member Jamal Badawi. On his website Badawi, regarded by many as an accomplished Islamic scholar, refers to the spread of homosexuality as a sign of the “End Times.” In another video presentation Badawi argued that homosexuality cannot be genetic, reasoning that if it was God would not have destroyed the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Suhaib Webb: Slammed Wearers of “Effeminate” Clothing

Popular Imam Suhaib Webb is a frequent keynote speaker for CAIR fundraisers. Webb is also known for attending a fundraiser with Anwar Awlaki, the Al Qaeda cleric whose videos Omar Mateen reportedly watched. Webb also publicly condemned those who wear “effeminate” clothing, including skinny jeans, and told a D.C. metro area Muslim audience to oppose gay marriage, condemned American values, and urged practitioners to spread Islam’s message “by any means necessary…”

Abu Taubah: Railed Against “F**gots,” Non-Muslims and American Society

Finally, consider Abu Taubah, the anti-gay imam who reportedly was Omar Mateen’s teacher, and who has previously been identified as assisting jihadists joining terror groups abroad. While Abu Taubah was imprisoned he repeatedly sought out CAIR’s assistance, which CAIR provided, arranging a meeting between Abu Taubah and CAIR Florida Director Hassan Shibly, while Taubah was imprisoned.


Upon Abu Taubah’s release, CAIR immediately took a victory lap, holding a press conference with the Imam’s family.

At what point will CAIR be asked about their repeated ties to virulently anti-gay Imams and Islamic preachers, and its support for Muslims scholars who continue to promote a doctrine calling for homosexuals to be killed?

At their recent press conference CAIR was able to cynically take advantage of the slaughter of innocent people, and the media never once asked a critical question about its support for the very people who espouse the doctrine that makes this violence possible. That needs to change.




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