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UK National Union of Students President: Condemning ISIS is ‘Islamophobic’

Malia Bouattia says it's “problematic” to consider the destruction of Israel only by means of “non-violent protest.”

BY Bruce Cornibe · | April 27, 2016

The UK based National Union of Students (NUS), which speaks for seven million students and is comprised of 600 students’ unions, recently elected Malia Bouattia as president (NUS’s first black female Muslim president). However, the election did not come without controversy. Bouattia’s radical past has been called into question as top universities in Britain look to split ties with NUS. Details of Bouattia’s prior statements include:

In 2014, while speaking at a “pro-resistance” event celebrating “Gaza and the Palestinian revolution,” Bouattia asserted that it is “problematic” to consider that “Palestine will be free” only by means of “non-violent protest.” In 2011, while attending the University of Birmingham, she called the school “a Zionist outpost” with the “largest [Jewish Society] in the country.” Bouattia has also previously attacked what she called “Zionist-led media outlets,” the report said, and more recently, voted against a NUS motion condemning ISIS because it would be “blatant Islamophobia.”

Here is a video of her 2014 speech.

Bouattia tries to explain to The Guardian why she did not vote for the NUS motion to condemn ISIS, saying, “two years ago I delayed a National Executive Council motion condemning Isis – but that was because of its wording, not because of its intent. Its language appeared to condemn all Muslims, not just the terror group. Once it was worded correctly I proposed and wholly supported the motion.”

It sounds like Bouattia wants to separate ISIS from anything Islamic. The main goal is to absolve Islam from terrorist groups that claim an Islamic identity. Last year, Brigitte Gabriel, a national security expert, claimed that 15-25% of the Muslim world population is radicalized. Gabriel added, “You’re looking at 180 million to 300 million people dedicated to the destruction of Western civilization.” This points to a systemic problem within Islam, not a few outliers.

Bouattia uses another common scheme of the Left, separating anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism. While the two terms are not exactly identical they are often the products of the same viewpoint. Individuals that are truly anti-Semitic will often direct their hatred toward the state of Israel in order to avoid having their views dismissed. Hamas does this all the time, disguising their ‘struggle’ out to be political rather than anti-Jewish.

Malia Bouattia is an example of how educational centers of higher learning are being saturated with a new kind of activism, radical Islamic apologetics. The Islamic world has a lot of youth and the jihadists know how crucial it is in reaching that sector for their mission to be successful. It is time to stop this jihad.


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