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The UAE is Wrong. The Brotherhood is Worse.

CAIR tries to defend itself by pointing to human rights abuses caused by sharia law.

BY CounterJihad · @CounterjihadUS | May 2, 2016

A Democratic blog at Slantpoint objected to our characterization of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) as the Hamas-linked mouthpiece that is a named terror organization in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).  Now, they are prepared to admit that the UAE has declared CAIR to be a terrorist organization.  However, they obtained a quote from CAIR official Corey Saylor to the effect that the UAE is “a known human rights abuser currently suppressing basic democratic ideals.”

We are happy to agree that the UAE is a human rights abuser.  For example, last December a British judge blocked the extradition of a gay Briton to the UAE because homosexuality can lead to the death penalty there.  Human Rights Watch has warned women considering moving to the UAE to live and work of “the use of Islamic law, which discriminates against women.”  A very clear example of this occurred in 2008 when an Australian woman was raped and then, when she reported the rape, imprisoned for eight months.

The human rights abuses they point to are thus quite real.  They are no defense for CAIR.  Secular Muslims in the United States have criticized CAIR for its attachment to conservative interpretations of sharia law.  But the real issue with CAIR is their self-demonstrated ties to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.

See for yourself.

To recap, CAIR is listed as an organization of the Muslim Brotherhood in North America by Brotherhood documents introduced as evidence by the Department of Justice in Federal court.  A Federal judge found that the Department of Justice had provided “ample evidence” of CAIR’s links to the Muslim Brotherhood’s Palestine Committee, and to Hamas.  The UAE acted after discovering a military wing of the Brotherhood aimed at overthrowing their government.

The UAE is no human rights paradise, but the Muslim Brotherhood’s brief tenure as the government in Egypt showed how much worse they would be should CAIR succeed at persuading the American government to back them, as it did during the 2011 revolution.  During their brief command of Egypt, the Brotherhood’s street factions turned Tahrir square into an international synonym for sexual assault.  Egypt’s State Information Service maintains an entire section of their website to documenting Brotherhood atrocities during this time.

The Brotherhood won a democratic election, but is no friend of democracy.  Its president granted himself sweeping powers to legislate without judicial review, and finally overthrew the constitution.  “It’s not about Egypt,” ends a piece in the New York Review of Books written by a one-time supporter of the Brotherhood government.  “[I]t’s about their larger vision for an Islamic Caliphate.”

So yes, the UAE is wrong.  The Brotherhood is worse.  Here at CounterJihad, we support the legislation before Congress naming the Muslim Brotherhood as the terrorist organization that it is, and recognizing CAIR as one of its constituent members.  Sign our petition, and tell your representatives in Congress to back H.R. 3892 and S. 2230.


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