Violent Jihad

The new Palestinian government

The action of teaming up terrorist organization Hamas a direct slap in the face to the idea that there can be peace in the Middle East

BY Alex Van Ness · @thealexvanness | April 25, 2014

Recently, Israel decided to suspend peace talks after the announcement from the Palestinians that the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) and Hamas were forming a unity government.

President Obama was quick to spread the blame to both Palestinians and Israeli’s:

“What we haven’t seen is, frankly, the kind of political will to actually make tough decisions, and that’s been true on both sides.

However, this is not an issue where both sides are culpable for the breakdown in communication. Hamas is a terrorist organization. Period. They have targeted and killed countless innocent Israeli civilians while calling for the complete destruction of Israel and the Jewish people.

This move rightfully removes the PLO as a group the Israeli government should be negotiating with for peace. The action of teaming up with the openly anti-Semitic, terrorist organization Hamas is, to say the least, a direct slap in the face to the idea that there can be peace in the Middle East.

The President needs to stop placing equal blame on both sides and realize that unless this new hybrid government stops killing innocent civilian and preaching hatred of Jews then the Palestinians are neither ready nor deserving of their own state.



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