Slander, Blasphemy & Censorship

It’s Stunning What’s Considered Hate Speech in Europe and What Isn’t

Why is it fine to rail against Jews, but hateful to criticize the content of the Islamic belief system?

BY Bruce Cornibe · | November 3, 2016

Anti-Semitic comments by left-wing politicians are okay, but criticism about abuses committed by migrants are off limits — at least, this seems to be the sentiment across Europe.  Of course, Jew hatred is nothing new in Europe and despite what the media may report it’s not only coming from so-called ‘right-wing’ Neo-Nazi type groups, but also Islamist and leftist groups. A recent example of left-wing anti-Semitism involves Baroness Tonge, “a former Liberal Democrat MP,” who allegedly ran a British House of Lords’ event which “marked the launch of the Balfour Apology Campaign ahead of the Balfour Declaration centenary.”  The 1917 Balfour Declaration signified the British government’s support for “the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people[.]”  Anti-Jewish attitudes were evident at the House of Lords’ event manifesting in off-the-wall comments, Russia Today states:

According to the Times, an audience member was applauded after suggesting Hitler only decided to kill Jews after being provoked by anti-German protests led by a rabbi, Stephen Wise, in New York.

“[He] made the boycott on Germany, the economic boycott… which antagonized Hitler, over the edge, to then want to systematically kill Jews wherever he could find them.”

The speaker also said Rabbi Wise told the New York Times in 1905 there were “6 million bleeding and suffering reasons to justify Zionism.” This quote is often used by Holocaust deniers to suggest the figure of 6 million Jews later killed by the Nazis was a myth.

The audience member – reportedly a member of the anti-Zionist strictly Orthodox Neturei Karta sect – also compared Israel to IS.

“Just as the so-called Jewish state in Palestine doesn’t come from Judaism. This Islamic State in Syria is nothing with Islam. It is a perversion of Islam just as Zionism is a perversion of Judaism.”

Another audience member said, to applause: “If anybody is anti-Semitic, it’s Israelis themselves.”

David Collier, a blogger who attended the session, says he “witnessed a Jew-hating festival at the heart of the British estate.”

Tonge allegedly didn’t counter these disturbing statements. Now we’re finding out that after the event Tonge “resigned from the party [Liberal Democrats] ‘about the same time’ as she was suspended by its leader.” Could one imagine if a conservative made such comments about Arabs or Muslims to that extent of the remarks at the House of Lords’ event? He or she could have been arrested and fined for “inciting racial hatred[.]”

Let’s take a look at a case where an editor from a well-known newspaper (Kronen Zeitung) in Austria is being charged for hate speech because of remarks in a commentary written in 2015, regarding the “migrant crisis[.]” Some of the comments made by the editor, Christoph Biro, include describing migrants as “testosterone-driven Syrians” as well as recalling incidents of migrants being involved in “extremely aggressive sexual assaults[.]” Breitbart cites another claim of Biro’s:  “He also detailed Afghan men had slashed the seats of the trains that were transporting them to Germany because they refused to sit where Christians had previously sat.”

It is worth noting that the train company, ÖBB, and numerous others denied the allegations of the train seats being ruined.  However, no one can deny the prevalence of sexual assault incidents caused by migrants. For example, the Gatestone Institute reveals:

Mobs of Arab migrants sexually assaulted dozens of women in Vienna, Salzburg and Innsbruck on New Year’s Eve. The sex attacks, known in Arabic as taharrush (“harassment”), were similar to those carried out that day by North African migrants in Cologne, Germany and other cities. Police initially denied that the attacks had taken place, but later admitted to lying, purportedly to protect the privacy of the victims.

Likewise, there was the incident in Vienna where a ten-year-old male was brutally raped at a public pool by a twenty-year-old Iraqi man who was an asylum seeker.  The man’s excuse – a “sexual emergency” caused by “excess sexual energy.”  How different is that from what Biro said?

Breitbart exposes how the “left-wing SOS Mitmensch” was behind the charges imposed upon Biro. SOS Mitmensch, “a pressure group[,]” aims to fight against what they perceive to be “anti-foreigner sentiment[.]” Despite, numerous others in Austria and Germany being punished for “anti-migrant” views, this instance is supposedly “the first time a member of the press has been prosecuted in Austria since the migrant crisis began.”

Even though there have been arrests for anti-Semitic comments in Europe there obviously seems to be more of an effort to crackdown on alleged anti-Muslim and anti-immigration rhetoric. The left is likely using their alliance with Islamists to try and stymie a growing tide of right-wing political groups in European countries like Austria that are critical of massive immigration – an example is the growth of the Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ). The tactic is to make their opponents out to be a bunch of bigots until they are rejected by society.  Unfortunately, they do not truly believe in the principles of toleration that they claim to advocate.  Their treatment of Jews proves that.


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