Influence: The Muslim Brotherhood in America

So, What Are We Doing About The Terror Threat?

The administration's priorities are clear and misplaced.

BY CounterJihad · @CounterjihadUS | March 24, 2016

Here at Counter Jihad, our motto is:  “The enemy is here, and our leaders are doing nothing.”

But that isn’t strictly fair. Our leader is dancing the tango.


He’s also posing for pictures, standing at attention in front of the headquarters of Cuba’s secret police.

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And of course, he’s attending baseball games, and playing golf

The trend has become a big joke for National Review contributor Stephen Miller, who has been contrasting Obama’s relaxed approach to governance with the Secretary of Defense, Ash Carter.  Lest we forget, however, Ash Carter has done nothing to blunt the administration’s love of politically correct programs that damage the military.  Political correctness is more important to this administration than combat effectiveness.  The US Army declared that “combating sexual assault and sexual harassment within the ranks is our number one priority.”  Last year Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus accused the Marine Corps of attempting to deceive the public with its careful study of women in the infantry.  The Marine Corps’ study, of course, had found results exactly in line with what the United Kingdom found when it did similar long-term studies on all three of its services.

While they fiddle, Rome burns.  Our allies in Egypt have a recommendation for our leadership when it is ready to take the question seriously.

European support for the Muslim Brotherhood is the reason terror has struck the continent…. [T]he official Egyptian daily Al-Ahram asserted that Europe has maintained ties with extremist religious groups, including the Muslim Brotherhood, which is the ideological sister of the Islamic State, and did not heed Egypt’s warning that terrorism would spread to the heart of Europe. Instead, Europe allowed terrorists to roam free….

However, time has shown that the religious organizations embraced by the West, chiefly the [Muslim] Brotherhood organization, are the ideological hotbed for all extremist takfiri organizations… and that the presence of such elements on European soil has enabled them to attract young people to their radical ideology and to recruit them to carry out acts of terrorism.

This flaw in the American and European responses to terrorism is demonstrably true.  Just as a single example, the United States military accepts Islamic chaplains named by the Islamic Society of North America, a Muslim Brotherhood organization named in Holy Land Foundation Trial.  This relationship with the Brotherhood and the leadership in America and Europe dates to the Cold War, and is well documented in declassified CIA records.  Egypt’s newspaper is only telling us what we ought to know, because our government has been at the root of helping the Brotherhood expand its influence in Europe.  Our government thought they would help us win the Cold War.  Our government thought they would restrain the worst of the Jihad.

There is a bill to require the government to recognize that the Brotherhood is a terrorist organization and act accordingly.  It is time that bill became law.


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