Saudi Man Shoots Doctor Who Delivered His Baby

Saudi public opinion is divided on whether or not it is proper to try to kill the doctor for having seen one's wife naked.

BY CounterJihad · @CounterjihadUS | May 27, 2016

Muhannad al-Zabn, a doctor in Riyadh, successfully delivered a baby in April without any complications.  He was told the joyful father wanted to meet him privately to deliver his thanks.  When he met the father in a garden near the King Fahad Medical City, the father instead produced a handgun and shot him.  Dr. Al-Zabn was fortunate.  His proximity to the hospital meant that he could be rushed straight into intensive care.  After several weeks of treatment, his condition is now reported as stable.

Why would a man shoot the doctor who had delivered his child, and so competently?  It was because the doctor was a man, and thus he had seen the other man’s wife naked.  Sharia forbids looking at the “private parts” of another, especially in the case of men looking at Muslim women.  Though there are usually considered to be exceptions for doctors in cases of emergency, the man in this case felt that the hospital had unfairly ignored his request for a female obstetrician to perform the delivery.

According to Newsweek, opinion was divided on the question of whether or not the unnamed father was justified in shooting the doctor.

One Twitter user wrote: “Just when you thought ‘jealousy’ can’t get worse.” A prominent Arab Twitter user Ahmad S. Algarni asked why the hospital did not meet the request of the jealous father.

It is another incident that underlines the criticism of Muslim reformer Kamel Daoud that the Islamic world has a “sick” relationship with women.  He points to the ways in which sharia twists what is naturally a life-producing relationship between men and women, and turns it into a death-producing one.  Here, too, the relationship between doctor and mother is meant to bring about new life.  Under the influence of sharia, it nearly brought about the doctor’s murder.  It may yet bring about the execution of the father.  Sharia has twisted this natural and beautiful life giving into a giver of death instead.

The whose structure of sharia is flawed but especially where it links to sex.  Dr. Hossein Askari — another Muslim reformer — argues that the whole of sharia needs to be rejected by the Islamic world for this reason.  He recommends that Muslims:

Reject sharia law as a fundamentally unjust legal system.  “Sharia should be set aside as the legal system in all Muslim countries. It was a body of law that was derived and put together by men (no female participation) many centuries ago. The agendas of rulers were always on the radar. Originally, Sharia might have been helpful for its inclusiveness and tolerance but today Muslim clerics and autocratic rulers use Sharia as an instrument of control that propagates injustice and deprivation.”

Saudi Arabia’s sharia-driven hangups about sex are not limited to women, of course.  The Kingdom is now executing gays not just for actual homosexual conduct, but for using social media in ways that support the homosexual lifestyle.  Gays and other sexual minorities in Saudi Arabia, like those in Iran and other hardline Islamic states, are very often subject to death under color of law.



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