QUDOSI: The Fourth, Spiritual War

A meditation and benediction.

BY Shireen Qudosi · @ShireenQudosi | July 14, 2016

Analysts predicted a contentious summer of 2016 with a rise in terrorist attacks. Yet, no one expected terrorist attacks checkered across the globe just days apart.  We also didn’t see the absurdly irrational level of hate and intolerance toward minorities.  In this case, the minorities are conservative voices that are silenced on and through social media.  They’re the voices that don’t fall into the gap of identity politics, and so they’re pushed into a void.  In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolution act – said George Orwell, whose iconic warning in 1984 is treated less as a warning and more as a blueprint on how to manufacture opinion and control society.

We are now days away from the GOP National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio.  There will be talks of the military wars, the political wars and the social wars.  But in all this, we cannot forget the spiritual war.

We bow our heads in prayer during invocations and benedictions. We offer prayers for “name that city” when a terrorist attack hits.  But between these moments, God is forgotten, faith is forgotten, humanity is forgotten.

A prayer isn’t a spiritual pit-stop in our day, even if it happens five times a day.  A prayer isn’t an ‘instant solution’ thought whose power is in the word itself, as if saying that you’ve offered ‘prayers’ is a prayer itself.

A prayer is a state of mind.

As we walk into the next few months, we have so much more work to do than check a ballot box on November fourth.  Over the next week, we need to come together and remember that our shared values are the only thing we need to focus on.  There are enough outside forces trying to divide us; we don’t need to further divide ourselves.  Whether you have faith in God or faith in humanity, it is our faith for a better world that unites us at this time.  Anything else is secondary and irrelevant.

Our faith tells us that when two or more of us are together in fellowship, He will be there.

When we stand shoulder to shoulder, we are blessed in a spirit of communion.

Many of us are cities or countries apart but we are part of a communion of people coming together, standing united, and shoulder to shoulder in fellowship.

Whether we call to God or to Allah, whether we speak in trust of a great Universe or belief in Human Dignity, our hearts call to a divine spirit and a great intelligence, a Lord of Truth.

And the truth is that we are entering a storm greater than the flood that ravaged the earth in the time of Noah.  We are facing a storm that seeks to drown humanity by enslaving it.

We are at the twilight of the greatest spiritual war and the greatest test mankind has ever known.

This is a war that determines whether the world of people ascends, or falls into darkness.

The darkness is not evil in an obvious disguise.  There is no red-horned devil.  It is much more terrible than that.  The darkness is deceit that moves us away from self-awareness and self-possession.

The deceit most threatening to us right now is a deceit of language; not of a thousand tongues, but of one serpentine tongue that coils around our voice and our eyes.  It keeps the people of a land from seeing a thing for what it is, until they no longer have the power to call a thing by its name.  This is the face of the Great Deceiver today that misleads even righteous men, whose hearts are a cavern absent of faith.  And we face another kind of deceit – a deceit of values, values where the will of God is replaced by selfishness without a path or foundation.

As we move forward in this war, we won’t need pitchforks, protest signs or hashtags.  We’re going to need something much stronger and more difficult to come by. We’re going to need courage and resolve.

This will not be easy.  It will take everything we have.

And then, we will be asked to give even more.

This is what a spiritual war looks like.  It is a relentless assault on the heart and mind.

Whether you have faith in God or faith in human dignity, this war is yours and it is here.  It is being waged and it will never announce itself.  There is no great trumpet call, no banner in the sky.  There is no leader ascending from the world of people or descending from the sky.  For now, you are it.  We are it.

A future world of people is looking to this moment.  The past is looking to this moment.

With us is the spirit of our ancestors, the spirit of those who achieved the impossible when they had nothing but faith.  The spirit of those who failed and those who soared.  All those who have lived and sacrificed for this one moment in time, so that we can usher a Kingdom of Heaven, and birth a quantum field of possibility that brings Heaven to Earth.

We are here as children of God, guardians of Humanity and soldiers of Truth.  We are rising, standing shoulder to shoulder in fellowship to brave the storm before us.  We are needed to answer a spiritual call to arms.

We are all Moses.  And our promised land is a future world of people free from the bondage of tyranny and deceit.



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