To Beat Lone Wolves, Profile for Supremacism

The evidence strongly suggests that a supremacist worldview, Islamic or otherwise, is a solid predictor of Lone Wolf terrorism. Muslims should support the FBI in rooting out supremacists in their community.

BY CounterJihad · @CounterjihadUS | June 14, 2016

So called “Lone Wolf” terror attacks strike America more than any other Western state.  They are a problem to which we are very much in need of a solution.  With that in mind, last year Georgetown University’s Security Studies program performed a review of the evidence and made some recommendations about Lone Wolf Terrorists (LWTs).  Unfortunately, they followed Washington D.C. orthodoxy and rejected the most obvious, most important step:  profiling.

The review claims that “Despite some frequent demographic commonalities, there is no clear or set profile of a likely LWT, and attempting to develop one may lead to resentment of LEOs among profiled communities.”  However, their own research shows that this is not true.  There is one clear factor that unites the two groups most prone to becoming LWTs.  One group is white supremacists with criminal histories.  The other group is Islamic supremacists with sympathies to groups that want to impose sharia law as the ruling law worldwide.  Sharia law’s opinion of gays is why these gay Americans were targeted for murder.  The clear uniting factor is supremacism.

Supremacists believe that their kind of person is not only better than any other kind, but ought by right to rule and impose their will on all the other kinds.  Though white supremacists and Islamic supremacists have otherwise entirely different ideologies, this belief in their intense superiority and right to rule humanity makes them identifiable.

Now it is true that profiled communities can become hostile to Federal authorities.  The FBI is receiving significant heat for its sting operations against Islamic State (ISIS) sympathizers.  Many Muslims react to such efforts by becoming actively hostile to the US government.  The New York Times recently quoted several who have come to regard the FBI as their enemy, even though presumably they are not sympathetic to ISIS.  For example, Tom Nelson, a Muslim lawyer in Portland, advised fellow Muslims:  “Avoid the F.B.I. like the plague,” he said. “They’re definitely not an ally.”

However, these sting operations are often effective.  The Wall Street Journal today points out that such a sting operation would have had a reasonable chance of catching this particular jihadist.  He was well known to the FBI, but they were unable to prove him guilty of any crimes using a standard investigation.  A sting operation creates the opportunity.

The category of “supremacists” does not overlap perfectly with either the categories of “Muslims” or “white people.”  It should be possible to explain, especially in light of the weekend’s horrible killings, that the target of the profiling is not Muslims but supremacists of any kind.  Indeed, American Muslims should be appalled by the weekend’s killings, and ought to want to help authorities identify likely supremacists for investigation.

Both sting operations and profiling are significant escalations by Federal authorities.  The risk of creating hostility is real.  However, this is a situation that requires more than the usual force.  America is endangered by these Lone Wolf terrorist attacks more than other nations.  It is right and proper that we should approach these terrorists with the necessary force.  All Americans should be able to understand that, Muslim Americans included.  Supremacism is the enemy, and we have to address that squarely.



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