Omar Mateen’s Pro-Jihad Mentor Railed Against “F**gots,” Non-Muslims and American Society

Abu Taubah—aka Marcus Dwyane Robertson—lamented that Muslims in America were “too weak and not ready” to deal with gays “in a proper manner.”

BY Kyle Shideler · @ShidelerK | June 14, 2016

Law enforcement sources have identified Abu Taubah—a notorious Florida-based cleric who runs an online Islamic seminary—as a mentor to Omar Mateen, the jihadist who killed 49 at an Orlando gay nightclub, according to The Daily Mail.

Abu Taubah—aka Marcus Dwyane Robertson—is a former Marine, a convicted bank robber and gang member and one-time bodyguard for the notorious terrorist leader, “Blind Sheikh” Omar Abdel Rahman. The Mail reported in 2015 that, in his first year serving time on a weapons conviction, Robertson successfully radicalized 36 of his fellow prisoners, leading to solitary confinement “as a result of the horrific harm his religious principles [sic] are teaching other inmates.”

Mateen is known for aggressive preaching against “non-believers” and, especially, homosexuals. A three-part video series posted by a YouTube account that exclusively publishes Robertson’s FIKS videos, entitled “Khutbah (Homosexuality)” illustrates Robertson’s views.

In the videos—which date from 2008 and feature almost 17,000 views—Robertson argues strongly for separation from non-Muslims. His strict opposition to western culture is not the result of an upbringing abroad, or “Internet radicalization”; Robertson is, himself, a Muslim convert from New York.

It is, instead, a reflection of his adherence to strict Islamic doctrine which holds homosexuality sinful, illegal, and ultimately, worthy of the death penalty, a position held not just by relatively small time internet preachers like Robertson, but even mainstream clerics with massive followings and deemed “moderate” by many.

In the first video, Robertson invokes the Quranic story of Lut (Lot), and Allah’s destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, before telling his audience (which consists of adult men and young boys) that the Muslim community has been “too weak and not ready” to address the issue of homosexuality “in a proper manner”. (Part 1, 8:16) Robertson criticizes the Muslim community for being “afraid” to deal with the issue, for fear of upsetting the American majority.

Robertson goes on to criticize American Muslims for providing their children with clothing and toys which he describes using the slur “f**got.” In particular, he denounces Nickelodeon cartoon character Spongebob Square Pants as “gay,” warning that it was “put into this society” to promote homosexuality. At one point Robertson puts the question to the audience: “Are you raising Muslims? Or are you raising f**gots?” (Part 2, 2:21)

Robertson also accuses public schools of promoting homosexuality, and urges parents to send children to Islamic schools, and for the community to create new Islamic schools.

Robertson goes on to blame homosexuality on the American ideals of freedom, saying, “The concept of America is that you are God: you do what you want to do; you follow your desires” (Part 2: 8:29)

Robertson stresses that Muslim men, including young boys, should wear modest clothing because, he believes, “the majority of Americans, eight out of every ten, were molested as children.” Robertson accuses the American way of life of intentionally breaking up families, and saying they intentionally allow child molestation, “even in daycare center level” (Part 3: 0:24)

Robertson then goes on a rant about spoiling and over-feeding children, related to his statement that spoiling children makes them become homosexuals. He condemns Disney cartoon character Shrek and Pokémon and other children’s toys and programs for interfering with children’s thinking, eventually leading them down to the road to drug use.

Robertson also makes liberal use of the Arabic derogatory phrase “Kafir” (infidels, nonbelievers), warning that “Kafirs” will deflower Muslim children if parents do not assist in arranging marriages.

Robertson also warns that the American court system granting Muslim children to the mother during a divorce, leading to children turning to drugs. “You named her Fatimah, but she’s selling crack,” he intones, “You wanted to be in America? This is the American reality.” (Part 3: 7:55)




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