Violent Jihad

Muslim Crowd Cheers a Proud Murderer

Facing 27 years for murdering a man who 'disrespected the Prophet Muhammad,' Tanveer Ahmed received a hero's salute from nearly two dozen followers as he left the courtroom.

BY Bruce Cornibe · | August 10, 2016

Reinforcement of bad behavior is harmful to a society, especially when it involves violence. Such is the case with Tanveer Ahmed. Ahmed, the Muslim that journeyed from Yorkshire to Glasgow and murdered an Ahmadi Muslim back in March because he allegedly “disrespected the Prophet Muhammad,” faces at least twenty-seven years in prison. Upon leaving the court not only did Ahmed defiantly lift his fist and yell, “Praise for the Prophet Muhammad, there is only one Prophet[,]” but also about twenty of his sympathizers allegedly celebrated with him “by raising their arms and repeating the phrase.”

Further proof of Muslim approval of these types of retaliations against ‘insults’ to Islam, the UK’s Express reports, “In a statement released through his lawyer after the killing, Ahmed said: ‘If I had not done this others would have and there would be more killings and violence in the world.’” It sounds like Ahmed thinks of himself as a hero because he allegedly saved the lives of others by committing this barbaric act. The worst part is that Ahmed might have been right about other Muslims stepping in to commit that atrocious act. We have already seen from an April ICM Unlimited survey how 24% of Muslims in Britain surveyed sympathize with “violence organised by groups to protect their own religion.” In addition, Ahmed’s logic is similar to politicians in the West that stifle acts deemed offensive to Islam in order to avoid potential Muslim backlash. For instance, in 2010 then-Defense Secretary Robert Gates pleaded with a Florida man not to burn Qurans on the anniversary of 9/11 out of fear for the safety of U.S. troops. The UK has even sentenced a Manchester man “to 180 hours of unpaid work and a 12-month community order after posting comments that were said to be ‘grossly offensive’ towards Muslims.” The judge stated that the man’s remarks had “the risk of stirring up racial hatred in the present climate[.]”

When will the UK and others in the West going to stand up for freedom instead of capitulating to Sharia inspired values – values that either implicitly or directly legitimize the violence of innocent people? The family of the victim (of the Tanveer Ahmed case), Asad Shah, fled Pakistan for Scotland to avoid persecution, and unfortunately much of the family is leaving (or already left) Scotland. How many more people have to leave before the UK starts to crackdown on its Sharia problem?



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