Colonization by Immigration

Leaked German Police Report: Expect Immigrant Crime Wave to Worsen

The spike in sex crimes are not even one percent of the expected increase in criminality.

BY CounterJihad · @CounterjihadUS | March 9, 2016

A report on the immigrant crisis prepared by German police warns of an impending crime wave that goes far beyond sexual assault.  The report, leaked to Der Spiegel, says that police have to expect a spike in violent crimes, property crimes and narcotic offenses in addition to the spike in sexual assault that has become a major topic of political debate in Germany.  Sexual assault is the most visible part of the public debate after hundreds of German women were attacked by migrants during holiday celebrations, and after a swimming pool had to begin segregating men and women because of repeated incidents, one involving an assault on a 12-year-old girl.  But police say the expected increase in sexual assaults will be less than one percent of the total increase in crime.

The department that produced the report is from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.  North Rhine-Westphalia is the state in which Cologne lies, the city where the largest spree of sexual assaults against women by migrants occurred.  Nevertheless, they say, the sexual attacks shouldn’t be the primary focus.  Last year their police had to respond 93,000 times to criminal events spawned by the sudden refugee community.  These events were far more often non-sexual violent crime than sexual violent crimes.

The report states that “cultural and ethnic” clashes drive a great deal of the violence being imported with the refugees.  This makes sense, as these are factions fleeing from a civil war, bringing their ethnic divisions and hatreds with them.

Police also report that they are tracking radical Islamist recruitment efforts among the migrant population.  Even if the majority do not arrive with a terrorist affiliation, another German report on the crisis suggests, the population is ripe for recruitment and Islamist groups within Europe are taking advantage of that fact.

Islamists are ‘agitating’ in asylum homes, increasing the risk of radicalisation among disaffected refugees. It said there have been ‘hundreds’ of incidents in the past few months where Salafists ‘have sought contact with refugees’.  Hans-Georg Maassen, chief of Germany’s domestic intelligence service The Office for the Protection of the Constitution, warned last autumn that young refugees who came to Germany alone ‘could be easy prey for Islamists’.

In addition to crimes carried out by migrants, there is the additional difficulty that policing their increased crime wave leaves fewer resources for combating Germany’s native drug crimes.  An increase in narcotic offenses is expected, separate from the problems identified in the leaked report, simply because German police no longer have the man-hours to devote to policing existing drug networks.




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