Key Topics

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The totalitarian Islamist doctrine of sharia mandates the spread of Islam by all believers and submission to its laws even by non-believers. Not all Muslims practice this, but those who do represent a major threat to the free world.

Civilization Jihad

The Muslim Brotherhood aims to install Islamic law in every country, including the United States. Civilization Jihad is their method for using the freedoms of our society against us.

Influence: The Muslim Brotherhood in America

The Muslim Brotherhood has a long history here in the United States, promoting Civilization Jihad by setting up front groups and influencing the media and government to advance their agenda.

Slander, Blasphemy & Censorship

Sharia does not tolerate dissent. A major tactic of Civilization Jihad is shaming,  suppressing and even criminalizing criticism.

Colonization by Immigration

Shariah mandates the spread of Islam by all means possible. Immigration with the intention of dominating the local culture is one of the oldest tactics.


Threats to the Electric Grid

Our electric grid and related infrastructure are dangerously unprotected. The possibility of a kill shot that puts all Americans at risk is well within the jihadists capabilities.