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Islamophobia Campaign Bombards Toronto

Toronto turns a blind eye to an Islamic book endorsing wife-beating, but is really worried that their citizens might have a negative image of Islam.

BY Bruce Cornibe · | June 18, 2016

With Islamic terrorism on the rise, the City of Toronto and the Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants (OCASI) apparently think it’s imperative to combat ‘anti-Muslim’ sentiment. These groups are starting a “Toronto public education campaign to address xenophobia, Islamophobia, and anti-immigrant sentiments.” The background for the campaign is revealed in a OCASI press release stating:

The war in Syria has created a massive humanitarian crisis. Since November 2015 approximately 4,500 Syrian refugees have settled in Toronto. Many residents and community groups have been very supportive and welcoming to these new Torontonians and have provided monetary, material and social support.

The City Council approved the Refugee Resettlement Program in October 2015. As part of that program Council directed that a campaign be created to dispel and prevent rumours and stereotypes that undermine social cohesion and community-building between immigrant and Canadian-born populations, through education and awareness.

The press release also includes an emphasis on ‘diversity,’ by proclaiming:

“Toronto is one of the most diverse cities in the world ─ this diversity contributes to our strength,” said Councillor Joe Mihevc (Ward 21 St. Paul’s), Toronto’s Newcomer Co- Advocate. “Our goal with this campaign is to get people thinking, talking and challenging the assumptions they may be making about others, not just new Torontonians.”

So, what does this talk about diversity actually mean?

Toronto allows an Islamic group passing out a book (Women in Islam & Refutation of Some Common Misconceptions) condoning wife beating in Dundas Square. Where’s the campaign against Islamic domestic violence?

Toronto is the same city where Eric Brazau was arrested for publicly denouncing Islam. The judge “sentenced Brazau to 18 months in prison, and an additional 2 years probation when he’s released.”

So much for being a city that allows a diversity of opinions. This sends the message, Islamist domestic violence rhetoric in, criticism of Islam out.

One of the campaign tools is a poster showing a white man telling a dark-skinned Muslim woman wearing a hijab, “Go back to where you come from,” while she responds, “Where, North York?” Tarek Fatah, author and columnist for the Toronto Sun, sums up the racial undertones in the poster saying, “In one sweep the City of Toronto depicted every white man as a racist bigot and perpetuated the victimhood of Muslims, a goal of all Islamists worldwide who hate the West.” Fatah goes on to say, “Its intention seems to be to cover up the crimes of Islamists and distract Canadians from seeing the real threat to our society — Islamofacism, not so-called Islamophobia.”

Instead of taking a firm stand against jihad, Toronto is essentially giving into the forces that perpetuate it. The West does not have an ‘Islamophobia’ problem, but a jihad problem. It’s time to expose the narrative that says taking a hard stance against Islamic terrorism is anti-Muslim. The city of Toronto is scoring political points with liberals, while Islamists are laughing.


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