Slander, Blasphemy & Censorship

When Islamists Control the Narrative in the Media Freedom Loses

Media outlets continue to make Islamists out to be freedom-loving Americans, and deny the jihadist connections of groups like CAIR.

BY Bruce Cornibe · | November 2, 2016

The media’s messaging shapes so much of our thoughts and perceptions on a variety of different matters – especially individuals who are passive onlookers. This is why it is important to analyze how news outlets frame their stories, describe various actors and topics. Let’s take a look at a recent article from The Oklahoman written by the paper’s Capitol Bureau Chief Rick Green, regarding a meeting about radical Islam that occurred at Oklahoma’s State Capitol.

Green tried to make Oklahoma State Rep. John Bennett and the others – who were trying to inform the crowd on the threat of radical Islam – out to be a bunch of narrow-minded people that just wanted to bully Muslims.  Bennett allegedly listed some Islamist organizations that threaten America and our way of life – such as CAIR (the Council on American Islamic Relations) and ISNA (the Islamic Society of North America).  Instead of discussing the backgrounds of these Muslim Brotherhood entities or the fact that the UAE has designated groups like CAIR as terrorist organizations, Green seems to brush them aside in his article and lets the Hamas linked CAIR play the victim.

Green appears to quote part of CAIR – Oklahoma chapter’s mission statement which talks about them being an organization that is all about “dialogue” and “mutual understanding[.]” Rather than taking them at their word, judge CAIR by its history and the actions of its leaders. Why would anyone take the words of a subversive organization linked to Hamas at face value?

Green also makes it a point to mention other groups opposed to the event – such as “Oklahoma’s faith community.” Of course, this gives the impression that even the good-willed ‘faith’ organizations of the community think Bennett and his supporters are a bunch of intolerant bigots. The list of those organizations includes:

“the Dialogue Institute of Oklahoma City, Interfaith Alliance Foundation of Oklahoma, Interfaith Alliance of Tulsa, Oklahoma Center for Community and Justice, Oklahoma Conference of Churches, Jewish Federation of Greater Oklahoma City, Jewish Federation of Tulsa, Respect Diversity Foundation and Tulsa Metropolitan Ministry.”

Too bad a lot of these groups seem to be liberal “tolerance” and “diversity” promoting organizations rather than the typical religious institutions that represent a conservative Midwestern state like Oklahoma.  CAIR’s stated mission and ‘interfaith’ work appeals to such organizations even though CAIR’s intentions are to ultimately implement Sharia. Green does discuss the issue of Sharia law in the article but gives the impression that combating it is a waste of taxpayer dollars, stating:

The state has a history of opposing Sharia law. Oklahoma voters passed a constitutional amendment by a 70 percent margin in 2010 to keep international law and Sharia law out of Oklahoma courts. A federal court threw it out as an unconstitutional infringement on individual rights. Oklahoma had to pay $303,333 for plaintiffs’ attorney fees.

Another topic that Green failed to mention deals with the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City (ISGOC) and its links to terrorism. The murderer Jah’Keem Yisrael (Alton Alexander Nolen), the man who cut off the head of a co-worker and almost another at Vaughn Foods in 2014, attended ISGOC. A conspirator from the 9/11 attacks, Zacarias Moussaoui, allegedly went to ISGOC as well.  The senior Imam at ISGOC (Dr. Imam Imad Enchassi) is also an “advisory board member of CAIR[.]”  Enchassi has even boasted about his influence within CAIR.  While giving a sermon in 2014 Enchassi “referred to CAIR Oklahoma City Executive Director Adam Soltani as someone who ‘doesn’t do anything without consulting me.’”

There seems to be a pattern of CAIR being friendly to organizations that put out terrorists. Yet, these facts aren’t enough to change the mind of Green nor those of the The Oklahoman Editorial Board, who in another article made condescending remarks about the meeting/ interim study on radical Islam. Not only did the editorial board sarcastically insult Bennett and overstate the supposed costs of the study to taxpayers, it also denies the evidence linking some Muslim groups to terrorism, saying:

Legislative studies typically focus on issues that may generate legislation in the coming year. But the main purpose of the Islam study conducted by the House Judiciary and Civil Procedure Committee seems to have been to label various Oklahoma Muslims as terrorists without actually providing evidence of any specific act or link to terrorism.

This is a prime example of willful blindness. It only takes a person a couple of Google searches to find CAIR and ISGOC’s links to terrorism. As media outlets like The Oklahoman continue to make Islamists out to be freedom-loving Americans and deny the jihadist connections of groups like CAIR – we move closer to Sharia.


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