Slander, Blasphemy & Censorship

ISIS is Just as Muslim as Muhammad Ali

Senator Coons said, “We cannot fight radicalization with further radicalization.” And yet the most radical move is to hold an authoritarian view of who is Muslim.

BY Shireen Qudosi · @ShireenQudosi | June 28, 2016

On Tuesday, June 28, Senator Ted Cruz leads a critical Congressional hearing on the willful blindness of the Obama administration on the prohibition of language in the fight against radical Islam. The Obama administration is a long time aggressor in obstructing the use of key language, engaging in an ongoing Orwellian purge of identifiers that link the acts of radical groups with the political doctrine of Islam.

Leading the conversation, Senator Cruz denounced President Obama’s insistence that ISIS is not Islamic. The Counter Violent Extremism efforts under the Obama administration have relied on omitting religious language including jihad, sharia, takfir and ummah – words that are used daily by Muslims. As Cruz further argued, to say that the self-identified “Islamic State” is not Islamic is a willful blindness of facts and truth. The Obama administration has repeatedly stressed that no religion condones the killing of innocents.

A political ideology at heart, the political doctrine of Islam was well ahead of its time in crafting misleading language that allows for a manipulation of words. While no religion condones the killing of innocents, there is a thin grey line between how Quranic verses distinguish between innocents and transgressors; the latter are to be punished mercilessly unless they submit. So while the Obama administration and its exoskeleton of Islamist-friendly allies insist that Islam is a religion of peace, the truth is that Islam defines peace as a complete and total submission to Islam.

Standing in opposition during the Congressional hearing, Senator Chris Coons railed against Senator Cruz, arguing folding Islam into the fight against radical Islam is a divisive move. Senator Coons relies on the leftist assumption that Islam is a monolith – and that is a radically oppressive view.

Senator Coons stresses that radical groups are not Islamic, nor are they heirs of Prophet Muhammad. It’s a statement that violates and strips diverse Muslims of their faith. The radical is just as much a Muslim as the progressive. ISIS is no less Muslim than Muhammad Ali. Neither the left nor other Muslims have the right to decide who is and isn’t Muslim. ISIS believes itself to be part of Islam. Going further, Osama bin Laden deemed himself to be a purist among Muslims – and no one denied him of his faith. The move to strip unfavorable followers of the Islamic faith as ‘not-Muslim’ is a recent ploy in response escalated acts of Islamic extremism.

Yet the current administration’s response is to not only deny the appropriate use of language in fighting radical Islam and Islamism – and thereby cripple authentic counter-terrorism efforts – but to also deny Muslims of faith by oppressively casting the same theological judgment they admonish conservatives against.

Senator Coons further commented, “We cannot fight radicalization with further radicalization.” And yet the most radical move is to hold act as self-appointed custodians of Muslim identity, determining who qualifies and who doesn’t, along with  possessing a totalitarian obsession that purges our ability to call a thing by its name. These are extreme acts in total violation of free thought.

As Senator Cruz notes, the only way we can direct the resources of the world’s greatest nation toward a global plague is by acknowledging radical Islamic terrorism exists.


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