The Iran Threat

Iran Celebrates Annual “Destroy Israel” Day

The festival was marked as usual by large rallies and pledges to wipe Israel off the map by top Iranian leaders, calling into question the sanity of the Obama Administration's Iran policy.

BY CounterJihad · @CounterjihadUS | July 1, 2016

Hundreds of thousands of Iranians went out into the streets to celebrate an annual holiday pointed at the destruction of the nation of Israel.  Iran’s state television broadcast images of large mobs chanting, “Death to Israel!” in celebration of al Quds Day.  “Al Quds” is the Arabic name of Jerusalem, the holy city of Israel.

Iranian President Rouhani, the negotiating partner of US President Barack Obama in last year’s so-called “Iran Deal,” had some anti-American remarks to throw in with the anti-Israeli ones.

“The global arrogance (the United States and its allies) wants to create discord among Muslims … Unity is the only way to restore stability in the region,” Rouhani said.

“We stand with the dispossessed Palestinian nation.”

Opposition to Israel, which Tehran refuses to recognize, has been a cornerstone of Iranian policy since its 1979 Islamic revolution. Shi’ite Muslim Iran backs Palestinian and Lebanese militant groups who oppose peace with Israel.

“The Zionist regime (Israel) is a regional base for America and the global arrogance … Disunity and discord among Muslim and terrorist groups in the region … have diverted us from the important issue of Palestine,” Rouhani said.

Reuters notes that Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) has been talking since March about how “”the occupied Palestinian territories are within the range of most of the Islamic Republic’s missiles.”

They are also celebrating the arrival of the new Russian S-300 anti-air missiles, which can defeat almost all of the American air force’s airframes — and all of Israel’s.  These missiles were sold to Iran thanks to the softened language in the Iran deal, which Russia has used as cover to transfer advanced anti-aircraft technology to the rogue nation.

Twenty-five years from now, IRGC leaders said while celebrating al Quds Day, “no Israel will be on the map.”  They put out an official statement describing the “iron fist” with which they will “liberate” the Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem, and Palestinians while destroying the world’s only Jewish nation.

“Liberation of the beloved Al-Aqsa Mosque and Palestinians from under the occupation of Zionists by the courage provided by the Islamic Revolution and a globalized approach to systematically fighting dominance and Zionism on International Quds Day, have bestowed upon Resistance Front strength and unflagging spirit which had made of Resistance an iron fist against any compromise with illegitimate regime of criminal Zionists,” the statement reads.

The celebration of Israel’s expected destruction comes as a wave of Palestinian terror attacks have targeted Jewish noncombatants in Israel.  A gun ambush murdered a family yesterday in the West Bank, while earlier this week a 13 year old girl was knifed to death in her own bedroom.  Though the attack happened in Israel, the girl was an American citizen.

The US administration is not inclined to punish Iran for its support of such terrorism, though the US State Department recently reaffirmed that Iran is the world’s leading state sponsor of terror.  Rather, our policy seems to be to create Iran as a regional superpower.  This policy has been creating severe tension with America’s other regional allies.  This policy was sold through lies, most recently a set of lies aimed at convincing Americans that Iran’s elections had been won by moderates and reformers.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Iran’s annual celebration of murder and hoped-for genocide only heightens questions about the sanity of the Obama administration’s policy.  The spectacle was intended for we Americans as well as for the Iranian people.  We should consider its message carefully.



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