Former Muslim Chaplain and Interfaith Leader Invoked Sharia Death Penalty on Ayaan Hirsi Ali

“Our aim is to promote interfaith harmony and to spread the true meaning of Islam. We welcome everyone, no questions asked, we will be more than glad to talk to you”-- unless you leave Islam.

BY Bruce Cornibe · | April 26, 2016

A Pennsylvania imam with a radical past led an interfaith prayer service in memory of the November terror attacks in Paris hosted by the Islamic Center of Johnstown, November 21, 2015. The Islamic Center of Johnstown encouraged participants to join the service by saying, “All peace loving people are invited to join us in a united prayer for peace, love, and brotherhood against hate, terrorism, extremism and violence.”

However, the imam who led the service (Imam Fouad El Bayly) is a proud supporter of Sharia. So much so, that he tried to shut down a speaking engagement of a former Muslim and critic of radical Islam, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, at a nearby university in April of 2007. Pittsburgh TribLIVE reported the startling details of Imam Fouad El Bayly’s reactions to the 2007 event with Ayaan Hirsi Ali:

Imam Fouad El Bayly, president of the Islamic Center of Johnstown, feared her mere presence would incite violence. He said that in the eyes of the Islamic community, Hirsi Ali’s rejection of her Muslim faith and “all of her lies” warrant a death sentence.

He worried that someone would try to carry it out.

“I’m trying to control my people here. I don’t want people to get hot and cause trouble,” said El Bayly, whose community includes an active core of about 30 families and a number of others who attend occasional services and programs.

“We have no capacity to execute a sentence, but her sentence would be death for turning on her religion to make a profit and for speaking out against it.”

Not only did Fouad El Bayly’s message unveil his character and principles but explains the type of visceral hatred that is spewing out of the Islamic Center of Johnstown. It was hypocritical to say the least, considering the supposed goal of the Islamic center, which says, “Our aim is to promote interfaith harmony and to spread the true meaning of Islam. We welcome everyone, no questions asked, we will be more than glad to talk to you.”

To make matters worse Fouad El Bayly received thousands of dollars from the U.S. government working as a Muslim chaplain before being fired by the Federal Correction Institute of Cumberland, MD in 2015 for his prior radical remarks. It’s also disheartening to find out that U.S. taxpayer dollars were going towards the radicalization of prisoners by a known Islamist.

Fouad El Bayly is one of many other Islamist throughout the U.S. that wants to see Sharia replace U.S. law. They try to disguise their intentions by hiding under a curtain of ‘interfaith dialogue and understanding.’ It is time to condemn these individuals and the organizations that continue to support them. Our constitution and fundamental freedoms are at stake.



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