Colonization by Immigration

Hillary Clinton Bombshell: Admits We “Can’t Possibly Vet All Those Refugees”

Turns out that if you pay her $400k, she might actually tell you the truth. But she's been lying to everybody else.

BY CounterJihad · @CounterjihadUS | October 12, 2016

One of the true bombshells to come out of the latest leaked documents comes from one of Hillary Clinton’s paid speeches.  During the address, for which she was paid $400,000, she spoke to the impossibility of trying to vet the massive numbers of refugees coming out of Syria.  As a result, she told her benefactors, regional governments “don’t know if, you know, jihadists are coming in along with legitimate refugees.”

That is of course the truth.  It just happens to directly conflict with everything she’s said during her Presidential campaign.  As Breitbart News points out, her recent comments have all been about her faith in a “rigorous vetting” process that we could rely on in order to admit many more Syrian refugees safely.

She has maintained this line as recently as mid-September, in spite of the fact that it has been contradicted by an increasingly large number of security professionals.  Just two days after she most recently told the American people that they could rely on the vetting process, the State Department confessed that there were Islamic State (ISIS) jihadists using refugee status to infiltrate America.  In March, the Supreme Allied Commander, Europe, said that jihadists were in the refugee flows “daily.”  CIA chief John Brennan said that the outflow of jihadists among refugees and other immigrants is going to spike.

Presumably this is in service to President Obama’s preferred policy of increasing the number of Syrian refugees.  The President appears to be following up his successful deception on the Iran “deal,” and using surrogates like Hillary Clinton to set up an echo chamber that will convince Americans that it is safe to do so.  Two other surrogates recently defended the proposition that vetting could secure us from the jihadist threat in TIME magazine.  As CounterJihad pointed out at the time, the concept is a fantasy.

“Before prospective visa holders even arrive at a U.S. Embassy or consulate for an interview, their names, photographs, fingerprint and other data such as marriage licenses are first validated,” we are told.  Now, photographs and fingerprints can be validated in the absence of records by taking new ones.  How do you validate a “marriage license” from Syria right now?  Its records have been destroyed in the war, and its few remaining public officials are (a) too busy fighting a war to handle records requests, and (b) no longer in any sense an American partner, as we have long opposed the Syrian regime for waging chemical warfare on its own population.  They have no reason to help us, and even if they wanted to help us, they have no power to help us.

The vetting process on visas is thus completely worthless if there are no records that would identify someone as a problem, nor records against which we can check their claims.  The second problem, though, is that refugees admitted first to Europe won’t require a visa anyway.  Under the visa waiver program, anyone holding a passport from most European nations are admitted with no visa scrutiny at all.

Hillary Clinton can apparently be paid enough to tell the truth, provided that you promise to keep the secret as a part of her speaking contract with you.  She isn’t running for the President of Well-Heeled Lobbyists, however.  The American people deserve an honest answer, and they have not gotten it from her — nor from the Obama administration.




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