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GWU’s New Professor of Cyber and Homeland Security: “Dismantle Entire Counterterror Component”

Professor Jesse Morton, formerly Younus Abdullah Muhammad, has some interesting thoughts on how to secure America.

BY CounterJihad · @CounterjihadUS | September 12, 2016

The Great Gatsby notwithstanding, American life is full of second acts.  Here’s an unusual one.  This former al Qaeda recruiter, sentenced to serve eleven years in prison for violent threats, previously sentenced for threatening Antisemitic violence, does not serve out his sentence.  Instead, he is instead released from prison, and obtains a professorship in Homeland Security at an elite American university.  George Washington University (GWU), located in Foggy Bottom right by the State Department, has hired Jesse Morton, formerly Younus Abdullah Muhammad, who is now a free man some seven years early.

How does that happen?  Well, first he turned informer.  He bought a reduced sentence by ratting out his former comrades, which by itself makes him an interesting choice for a teaching position.  How safe is it to put such an obvious target for retaliatory, terrorist violence in a room full of college students?  GWU is located in the District of Columbia, so essentially everyone at the school is disarmed and unable to resist as it is.  Now students will be in the presence of a man who must be fairly high up on the black list of one of the most deadly terrorist outfits in the world?

GWU justifies the move by claiming that his history gives him a unique perspective that will inform the quality of his advice on homeland security.  Conservative Review gives us some reason to question that quality of advice:

Most dumbfounding of all is this quote:

Were the U.S. and its allies not in such blatant betrayal of the very “set of core principles” Obama claimed to defend at the time of the Egyptian coup, there might be a diminishing appeal of jihadism. Instead, it’s viewed as the only alternative. The only solution is a global grassroots movement dedicated to ending such blatant hypocrisy. This movement must focus on dismantling the entire counterterrorism component of the military-industrial complex. Only then might a paradigm unfold that could first rid that “one indispensable nation” of its own despots and dictatorship, and thereby encourage people across the globe to do the same. Until then, terrorism at the hand of the state and Orwellian legislation will only enhance radicalization, at home and abroad. [Emphasis CR’s.]…

The idea here is the traditional leftist one, that America’s meddling in the Third World is what is creating anti-American sentiment.  The reason this is the traditional leftist sentiment is that it was actively encouraged, during the Cold War, by Marxist theory.  The reason it was actively encouraged by Marxist theory is that it was hoped to put the breaks on American foreign policy in the Third World, clearing the way for the expansion of Marxist movements instead.

This theory, spread by a man who remains an advocate of sharia, serves a very similar purpose today.  The reason to dismantle America’s counterterrorism component is to prevent meddling in the Islamic world.  The reason to prevent American meddling in the Islamic world is to smooth the path for sharia-complain movements.  The claim that this will result in a more peaceful world, with less anti-American sentiment, is not merely an Ivory Tower fantasy.  It is a strategic move that is designed to clear the way for the expansion of a hostile political ideology.

American “Cyber and Homeland Security” is not going to be improved in this way.  But GWU is right about one thing:  he does have a different perspective than most people in the Homeland Security community.  Most members of that community are focused on the security of the homeland, and it is clear that this professor’s interests lie somewhere else.


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