Violent Jihad

Free Fire Zone: Israel Sanctions

Does Obama know the difference between friend and foe?

BY Secure Freedom · | December 8, 2014

President Obama is considering imposing sanctions on Israel while letting sanctions on Iran expire. Does he know the difference between our friends and enemies?



Mattis: ISIS ‘couldn’t last 2 minutes in fight with our troops’

SecDef nod calls for 'battles of annihilation” with “no survivors” against terror group, while beating drums of all-out war with Iran.


Who Ordered the Hit on Russia’s Ambassador?

Speculation is rampant, but there are reasons to think that this attack can be laid at the feet of the Islamic State.


10 Things We Should Learn From the Ohio State Attack

The attack was one of the least-covered jihadist attack on American soil. The media dropped the issue like a hot potato.