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“Democracy Activist” Turns Islamist Suicide Bomber

Not nearly as big a surprise as it sounds.

BY CounterJihad · @CounterjihadUS | April 13, 2016

The Wall Street Journal treats the case of Ahmad Darrawi, a fierce advocate for democracy in Egypt’s street protests of a few years ago.  Just three years later, he died in Iraq as a suicide bomber for the Islamic State (ISIS).  How could it happen?

How did it happen? How did a hopeful, principled young man from a middle-class family turn into a coldblooded suicide bomber? It is hard to separate that question from the Arab world’s broader descent over the past five years: from nonviolence to mass murder, from proclamations of tolerance and civic idealism to the savagery of Islamic State.

The gap between those ideals is so vast that any attempt to link them can seem like madness. But for Darrawi and others like him—in Egypt, Yemen, Syria, Tunisia and more—the road from democracy to Islamic State wasn’t so strange…. The brief, ecstatic moment of unity in 2011 in Tahrir Square… left some of the Arab world’s idealists open to the lure of a false dawn.

Actually, there’s a much simpler explanation.  The ‘democracy’ advocates in Egypt were always completely infiltrated by Islamic radicals.  Democracy was just a tool to institute a new caliphate, complete with sharia law.  When democracy didn’t work the shift to radical violence didn’t require disposing of a whole ideology, as it would for an American who abandoned democracy.  Democracy was just a broken tool, one they had always planned to get rid of when it stopped being useful to them.

The group of which Darrawi was part was the Coalition of Revolutionary Youth.  This group was itself part of a coalition, especially toward the last days of the ‘revolution’ that saw the Muslim Brotherhood rise to power in Egypt.  During this time, they had used their power to pardon and release hundreds of terrorists from Egypt’s prisons.  When the Muslim Brotherhood tried to suspend and rewrite the constitution in the interest of a new caliphate, an Egyptian court stepped in to stop them.  They put together a ‘Day of Rage’ rally aimed at bullying the remnant of the legitimate government of Egypt into submission.  The Coalition of Revolutionary Youth was one of the sponsors, as was the Muslim Brotherhood itself.  In addition, the coalition included the Obour Salafist Outreach, the Salafi Youth Coalition, the Islamist youth of Egypt Coalition, and the the Sharia Authority of rights and reform.  None of these groups are anything other than radical Islamists.

This attitude towards democracy is common to Islamists.  Turkey’s president Erdogan, when he was just a mayor, once compared democracy to a train ride.  “You ride it until you arrive at your destination,” he said, “then you step off.”  Like others who dream of a restored caliphate, Erdogan has used democracy as a tool that can be discarded when it is no longer helpful.  It turns out to be a very short step from a ‘democracy activist’ in Tahrir square to commander of the Lions of the Caliphate.  Darrawi should be no shock to us.


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