Awful: Ontario Shia Mosque Teaches Children How Decapitation Works

Coupled with anti-Semitism, it’s plain to see how kids from this type of environment can make the simple transition to jihad.

BY Bruce Cornibe · | May 5, 2016

Proverbs 22:6 states, “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.”

Unfortunately, the children of an Ontario mosque are being taught how to kill.

The Islamic Jaffari Center of Thornhill, Ontario has a track record for radical activities, such as planning to construct a “massive, Muslim only condo complex in a very Jewish neighborhood.” Also, schools affiliated with the center have been known to teach disinformation from textbooks about “crafty Jews being compared to Nazis in disturbing passages on jihad.”

A couple years ago it was revealed the Ontario mosque had kids simulate beheadings in a play supposedly depicting the execution of Muhammad’s brother and grandson, while children as young as four years old watched (watch the video here, start around the 3:20 mark). Founder of the Muslim Canadian Congress Tarek Fatah said the play represents “an immense tragedy that turned the events of Islamic history,” and talked about how he observed these plays as young boy in Pakistan.

Even as he is disgusted with the play, Fatah doesn’t believe the Ontario mosque is intentionally “trying to make the kids into radicals,” he plays it off as more of a normative experience for the Shiite sect. Fatah also referred to a bloody event in which Shias beat themselves up, likely alluding to the gory celebration of Ashura. Ashura signifies the death of Muhammad’s grandson Hussein (an important figure to Shiites) and Shia Muslims around the world beat themselves with sharp objects (knives, chains, swords, etc.) in order to express their sorrow and experience the agony Hussein went through before his death.

Coupled with anti-Semitism, it’s plain to see how kids from this type of environment can make the simple transition to jihad. It makes sense why tens of thousands of young Shia Muslims were willing to face martyrdom during the Iran-Iraq War (Khomeini also made promises of paradise for martyrdom). Islamic terrorist recruiters know you need to radicalize individuals when they are young so they will be uncompromising to jihad when they reach adulthood.

Places like the Islamic Jaffari Center are giving these innocent children a head start to jihad. It’s time to expose these centers and rescue these kids from being another generation of youth desensitized to the barbarity of Islamic terrorism. Violence and hate should not be customary.


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