Influence: The Muslim Brotherhood in America

World’s Top Sponsor of Terror and War Criminal Meet Clock Boy

Ahmed Mohamed got a photo-op with his genocidal rock star, Omar al Bashir yesterday.  Bashir is known for threatening to crush black Africans like “insects” in South Sudan if they don’t submit to Islam, genocide in Darfur and the Nuba Mountains, crimes against humanity, and as a leading state sponsor of terror rivaled only by … Continue reading "World’s Top Sponsor of Terror and War Criminal Meet Clock Boy"

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Sudan and Iran were involved in terror attack on USS Cole: Now Sudan must pay

A U.S. District Judge in New York is now forcing banks in New York which hold Sudanese assets to pay up.

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Al Qaeda Does Not Recognize the Islamic State as Legitimate

Ayman al-Zawahiri has revealed his true feelings about Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi-- and they are not warm.

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Boko Haram in Libya

In recent days news broke by Jacob Zenn that Boko Haram fighters are in Sirte Libya helping Islamic State fight the U.S. backed Libyan government.  Of course Boko Haram fighters would refer to themselves as Islamic State in West Africa.  Yet they are in North Africa fighting for the global jihad, which is unsurprising to … Continue reading "Boko Haram in Libya"

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Abubakar Shekau is Not Dead Yet

A new data point has emerged to color last week’s mysterious claim by Chadian president, Idriss Deby, that the leader of Islamic State in West Africa (Boko Haram), Abubakar Shekau, had been replaced by an otherwise unknown character named Mahamat Daoud who was leading Boko Haram and willing to negotiate.  It was then rumored that … Continue reading "Abubakar Shekau is Not Dead Yet"

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The South Sudan Peace Process Update

Today is the deadline set by IGAD (the The Intergovernmental Authority on Development is a trade bloc hosting peace negotiations) for which the U.S. president recently threatened to sanction South Sudanese president Salva Kiir and rebel leader Riek Machar if they did not sign a deal.  They did not sign but they do have 15 … Continue reading "The South Sudan Peace Process Update"

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Deadliest Terrorist Replaced by a Nobody?

There are two important things to know about yesterday’s vexing claim by Chadian President Idriss Deby, that Abubakar Shakau, the leader of Islamic State in West Africa (Boko Haram more popularly), has been replaced by someone named Mahamoud (Mahamat in many press reports) Daoud. First, measured by civilian deaths, Shakau is more deadly than Osama … Continue reading "Deadliest Terrorist Replaced by a Nobody?"