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Jim Hanson is the Executive Vice President of The Center for Security Policy.

Influence: The Muslim Brotherhood in America

Of Course The Muslim Brotherhood is a Terror Organization

Making this common sense determination gives our government and security organizations the necessary tools to fight them.

Violent Jihad

Cut Down the Black Flag – Book Release

Previewing the new book during a National Security luncheon at the US Capitol Visitor's Center.

Violent Jihad

Turkey joins fight against ISIS by attacking Kurds

What is going on here? We certainly can use all the help we can get in the fight against ISIS but not at the expense of friends helping us already. I discuss this craziness in my column at Townhall. The Kurds are the only actual friend America has in the Iraq/Syria/ISIS zone. The powerful affection … Continue reading "Turkey joins fight against ISIS by attacking Kurds"

Violent Jihad

Wounded Vet says Don’t Trust Iran

Iran should not have nuclear weapons. This has widespread agreement, but the deal announced Tuesday not only fails to stop bomb production from happening, it makes it a virtual certainty. The deal is even worse than was expected and expectations were very low as Fred Fleitz, Senior Vice President of the Center for Security Policy, … Continue reading "Wounded Vet says Don’t Trust Iran"

Influence: The Muslim Brotherhood in America

US Embassy in Indonesia Makes Independence Day Sharia Compliant

Jim Hanson talks about how the US Embassy in Indonesia moved up Independence Day from July 4th to June 4th in order to accomadate Ramadan on Fox and Friends.

Violent Jihad

Imam of the Gun and Sword

Boston Police and the FBI disrupted  a plot to behead police officers this week and lawmen managed to shoot down one of the jihadis planning it. But there was an interesting twist as our good friends at Americans for Peace and Tolerance let us know. The police brought some local leaders in to view the video … Continue reading "Imam of the Gun and Sword"

Violent Jihad

Talking CounterJihad on FOX News

Our enemy is hard at work all over the world. ISIS is expanding the Caliphate as the US watches from the sidelines. They take city after city slaughtering innocents and destroying cultural history. They jihadists call for their followers to kill us here in the US and the message is received and acted on by homegrown … Continue reading "Talking CounterJihad on FOX News"