Slander, Blasphemy & Censorship

Airline Punishes American Citizen for Incorrect Thoughts

Foreign ownership of an American airline means extra harassment for the regime's disfavored.

BY Bruce Cornibe · | October 5, 2016

If one doesn’t believe the main stream media narrative that Islam is a “religion of peace” and is vocal about their opposition to this narrative, that person might be exposed to some extra security measures when flying American Airlines. At least that is the case with one of the leading figures in the counter-jihad movement, Robert Spencer. Spencer details his grievance with the airlines stating:

…For well over a year now, every time I fly American Airlines, which up until recently has been almost every week, I’ve been subjected to extensive and time-consuming extra security checks. This never happened when I flew any other airline, only American — but I was a Platinum frequent flyer on American, so it happened often.

After repeated inquiries, I finally found that it was because American Airlines and British Airways are partner airlines, and British Airways was requiring that I be subjected to these extra security checks to make sure I wasn’t flying to Britain. I am, of course, banned by the British government from traveling to Britain because I noted (correctly) that Islam is “a religion and is a belief system that mandates warfare against unbelievers.” I wasn’t banned for any criminal activity and have no criminal record. It is, moreover, perfectly clear from my flight ticket in every case that I am not traveling to Britain. Hence these extra security checks to make sure I am not flying to Britain simply constitute harassment, mandated by British Airways and perpetrated by American Airlines.

It’s troubling to think of all the Islamists and jihadists out there that actually pose a security threat to the West, yet some companies and authorities want to pick on certain people because of their assessments on Islam. This kind of behavior is a result of multiculturalist bullying. For multiculturalists, conservatives and right-wingers seem to be almost as bad as the actual terrorists. For example, Hillary Clinton said that Trump is ISIS’s “best recruiter.” This basically infers that jihadism is a reaction to right-wingers’ views on Islam – thus ignoring the Sharia ideology that drives Islamists and jihadists alike. So, the logical conclusion for leftists is to silence this so-called bigotry (whether speech, art, etc.) that causes controversy in the Muslim community – which is why some leftists in the West will even defend de facto blasphemy laws that protect Islam.

We can expect more cases like Robert Spencer’s to keep occurring because of the current political environment. We need to expose this left-wing/Islamist alliance and the anti-Western foundation that it is built on before it’s too late.


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