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AG Lynch: “Jihadist” Terror a Danger

Would you please tell your boss?

BY CounterJihad · @CounterjihadUS | March 25, 2016

Something very surprising just happened:  a member of the Obama administration admitted that “jihadist thinking” is a danger here in America.
Attorney General Loretta Lynch said the following:
As we’ve seen here the threat here in the homeland has been coming most recently from those individuals who are based here who are inspired by terrorist or jihadist thinking on-line from ISIL or otherwise — and so that’s always a concern of ours and certainly a concern would be whether or not they would be inspired by similar attacks in Brussels or elsewhere.
Here’s the clip:
This is not the first time we’ve seen the word “jihadist” deployed by a major Democratic Party figure.  Hillary Clinton used the term to avoid agreeing that the United States finds itself at war with “radical Islam.”  She said that at least some “Islamists… are also jihadists,” implying that at least some Islamists are not.  That will be news to the Islamists, of course, as they see the duty of jihad — meaning specifically war against infidels — as an integral part of Islamic law.

Still, even as a dodge it is a significant improvement over the President’s position.  Obama continues to talk about “violent extremism,” as if there were not only no necessary connection to Islam but no obvious connection.  As Attorney General Lynch rightly points out, the recent terrorist attacks have been inspired explicitly by invocations of a duty to jihad by radical Islamic groups like the Islamic State (ISIS, or ISIL).

Of course, the President insists that “ISIL is not Islamic.”
Jihad is a function of Islam.  Only Muslims practice jihad.  There is no Buddhist jihad.  There is no Communist jihad.  In recognizing that the Islamic State is encouraging jihadist violence, Attorney General Lynch is recognizing that they are engaged in a particularly Islamic form of violence.


Being able to speak the truth about the threat is a first step toward being able to craft effective solutions.  We cannot think clearly about the problem if we cannot speak accurately about the problem.


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