Colonization by Immigration

69,000 First-Quarter Immigrant Crimes in Germany

Police resources are stretched thin by the waves of immigration.

BY CounterJihad · @CounterjihadUS | June 9, 2016

A leaked police report from German authorities states that migrants were responsible for 69,000 crimes or attempted crimes in the first quarter of the year.  Both crimes and attempted crimes require police resources, stretching them thin at a time when German society is trying to absorb vast quantities of migrants.

The numbers suggest that last year’s migrant crime wave is on track to continue.  Migrants committed an additional 208,344 crimes in 2015, over and above the crimes committed by native Germans.  This year’s first-quarter figure would raise that to 276,000 if trends continue.   Further stretching police resources, 2015 saw German police having to respond to incidents in refugee camps 93,000 times.

According to another leaked police report that treats police estimates for this year, Germany needs to prepare to handle a substantial increase in crime.

The report, leaked to Der Spiegel, says that police have to expect a spike in violent crimes, property crimes and narcotic offenses in addition to the spike in sexual assault that has become a major topic of political debate in Germany.  Sexual assault is the most visible part of the public debate after hundreds of German women were attacked by migrants during holiday celebrations, and after a swimming pool had to begin segregating men and women because of repeated incidents, one involving an assault on a 12-year-old girl.  But police say the expected increase in sexual assaults will be less than one percent of the total increase in crime.

Indeed, the most recent report confirms that police estimates were correct:  while violent crimes constitute nearly a quarter of the migrant crime wave, the about sixty percent were thefts or other property crimes.  This suggests a vast black market developing among the refugee communities to handle the large amounts of stolen property.

Perversely, the Merkel administration has created an incentive for migrants to commit crimes in Germany.  Migrants who are undergoing the process of being deported can commit crimes in order to gain the right to stay in Germany through the due process associated with the criminal act.  Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere says deportees commit crimes shortly before they are scheduled to be expelled and then confess to the crimes.  They may then remain through the whole court process, as well as of course through any prison sentence.  If not sentenced to prison, they can commit and confess to another crime.  All of this further ties up police and court resources.

Nevertheless the German government does not seem inclined to worry about the migrant crime wave.  What they are focused on over and above everything is the danger of ‘right wing hate crimes.’   Their allies among nongovernmental organizations such as Amnesty International are providing them with cover here.  Amnesty released a new report calling on German authorities to do more to prevent ‘hate crimes’ against migrants, to include “institutional racism” against migrants among German police.



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