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Muslim Fight Club in Germany Bringing the Pain

The Osmanen Germania is a combination "boxing club" and motorcycle gang that has set itself on a collision course with everyone from police to the Hells Angels.

BY CounterJihad · @CounterjihadUS | February 23, 2016

A Muslim gang in Germany is training street fighters while proclaiming that “We are coming and we will take the country.”  The Osmanen Germania is a combination “boxing club” and motorcycle gang that has set itself on a collision course with everyone from police to the Hells Angels.

The police are concerned. The club shows itself to be martial – even towards the Hells Angels…  “We are coming and will take the whole country”, says a voice in [one of their promotional videos], while pictures are alternating between wild hordes of horsemen in the desert and the posing rockers. “Men, who will stand their ground in the battlefield until the last drop of their blood”, the voice tells us.

The challenge to the Hells Angels is obvious from the fact that they have adopted traditional biker vests with red and white patches, a long established symbol of the Hells Angels and their support clubs.  These vests, called kuttes in German, are symbols of the honor of the club and of the individual wearing one.  Since the 1960s, the Angels have forbidden any other club to wear kuttes with red and white patches unless they swore allegiance to the Angels as a support club.  The blatant defiance of this tradition will force a conflict between this Muslim gang and the world famous motorcycle club.

More than symbolism is at stake.  The name Osmanen Germania means “Ottoman Germany,” referring to the Ottoman Empire, based in what is now Turkey from the late Middle Ages until its collapse in World War I.  At its height, the Ottoman Empire nearly conquered Vienna, a city of Austria.  This was the furthest advance of Islamic forces into central Europe in history.  The gang, made chiefly of Turkish migrants, is asserting both an ethnic and an Islamic claim to complete the conquest of Germany that was begun in the 16th century.

German police say they do not have adequate resources to combat the gang.  Minister Ralf Jäger claims that the rate of expansion of the gang is so rapid that as he takes away the colors from one member, two other put on new colors. “There is no way to master this situation with existing resources,” he explained to German media.

The gang has already established hundreds of local chapters across the country. Training in street-fighting and engaged in the drug trade, they represent a significant challenge to the peace in Germany.



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