The Iran Threat

These 10 Stories Show the Failure of Obama’s Policy on Iran

We should have seen this coming. We had every reason.

BY CounterJihad · @CounterjihadUS | August 4, 2016

Last summer and fall, the website IranTruth analyzed the shockingly unwise “Iran Deal,” and documented many administration deceptions about it.  In the wake of yesterday’s story about the $400 Million in cash payments made to what the State Department itself calls the world’s top state sponsor of terrorism, it’s worth reviewing some of IranTruth’s key findings.

#1:  The Limits of Chaos

This post analyzes Iran’s shifting strategy toward becoming the regional power in the northern Middle East.  If you want to understand Iran’s long game, read this post for an overarching view of Iran’s strategy of domination.

#2:  Obama Made Side-Deal on Iran’s Military Site, Hid Details From Congress

Two Congressmen met with IAEA officials, and uncovered a secret deal made in violation of a US law that President Obama had signed himself.  In the end, the President never did live up to the terms of that law.

#3:  The Glories of the New Order

A description of the consequences of the Iran deal in its first two months, from Iranian-backed war crimes in Iraq to new American hostages, and from the collapse of counterproliferation standards to a new Russian/Iranian alliance that is redefining the Middle East.

#4:  Iran’s Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Accidentally Tells the Truth (Four Part series)

Abbas Araghchi, Iran’s Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, gave what was supposed to be a secret interview to regime hardliners.  Instead, it was accidentally published in full.  At first there were questions about the validity of the interview, but all of his claims about the IAEA turned out to be perfectly true.  Likewise, he was right when he pointed out that the Iran deal effectively vacated controls on Iran’s ballistic missile program.  The four part series is worth reading to help you realize how completely the Iranian negotiating team played the hapless US State Department under Secretary of State John F. Kerry.

#5:  Iran and Russia are Defining the Middle East

An early view of how the fast-moving Russian/Iranian alliance seized the initiative away from the American coalition facing ISIS, establishing a new hegemony in the northern Middle East.

#6:  Crucial Parts of Iran Deal to be Hidden from the American Public

Eli Lake and Josh Rogin broke a story that the administration was going to keep secret important details about the so-called Iran Deal from the American public and Congress.  Or, as the administration preferred to phrase it:  “Some aspects of the annexes may not be made public, which is different than being secret.”

#7:  American Public Diplomacy is Now Selling Suleimani

During the negotiating of the Iran deal, the United States turned its official public diplomacy arm to broadcasting a puff piece about one of America’s most dangerous enemies.  Qassem Suleimani, who directed the murder of three thousand Americans during the Iraq War, was presented to the world as a kind and loving father figure by America’s own propaganda machines.

#8:  EXCLUSIVE: First Translation of Khameini’s New Book on the Destruction of America, Israel

Khameini has since said publicly that anyone who thinks that his country’s future lies in diplomacy instead of missiles is either a fool or a traitor.  Read his book, which explains his plans in detail.

#9:  Revolutionary Guards Runs Iran’s Black Market Like a Mafia

One of the most horrifying aspects of the Iranian regime is the brutality of its punishments.  Political dissidents are very often killed — even whole villages of them wiped out — under the pretense that they were involved in the narcotics trade.  Yet it turns out that the real masters of the drug trade in Iran are the Revolutionary Guards Corps, the praetorian guard of the hardliner regime.

#10:  Iran Takes American Military Hostages

The deal did nothing to eliminate tensions between the Iranian regime and the United States.  Whether test-firing missiles within yards of one of our aircraft carriers or seizing American sailors as hostages, Iran’s provocations have only worsened as they have been encouraged by this administration.



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